Unique Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Online Project

ways to make extra money online

This is a guest post from Jay Wright, who is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, acting as Managing Director at digital marketing agency Search Insights and Marketing Director at QualityTrade.com. Follow him on Twitter

You’ve finished your novel and posted it online for people to purchase on Amazon. Maybe you developed a video series where followers can opt into a monthly subscription to receive new content and learn how to make a viable food truck business or grow tomatoes in their home. Are you capitalizing on all the ways to make extra money with your business?

According to the Intent Index, a study reported by the Examiner, 34 percent of people go online to purchase an item, and more than 80 percent of people go online for education and entertainment.

This means that your new e-commerce product or book or even your freelance writing services have plenty of new ways to make extra money, even if you think you’re maxed out.

To get started you need to build a nice website and then really engage with your email list. These people are your community and allow you to make easy sells. But what about expanding this network to people who don’t necessarily know about you right now?

Let’s take a look at unique ways to make extra money on products that you have already launched such as books or online educational guides.

Re-Marketing Your Products Before Customers Leave

Rip a page out of Amazon’s book and take advantage of those who don’t plan on purchasing from your site. The vast majority of people who visit your site or click-through your shopping cart end up leaving and not buying anything. There are ways to re-market to these folks and turn them into paying customers.

Create related product links on your website to catch their attention. Maybe someone comes to your site looking for a good sci-fi read. If you write romance novels then they’ll head to another site. But if you include an ad for your children’s book on the same sales page, you might get them to remember that they need a present for their niece’s birthday.

You can also offer promotional deadlines or package deals to convince people to buy. If you release a new book, lots of people will simply look at the announcement and say, “I’ll grab it some time later.” How do you turn this into a sale? Tell them that your 20 percent off deal is only valid for the next two days, or give them a package they can’t refuse.

Jeff Goins is known for including additional eBooks and guides with every sale he makes on his website. If someone sees that they get your new book, along with three small guides for the same price then they are more likely to buy

Use Tested Ads

Ads often make writers roll their eyes, since it’s just more money down the drain for products they already spent loads of time and money on. The cool thing is that you can test your ads before spending a dime. Facebook allows you to post anything you want on your business page and then see how it works.

Look back at the Facebook posts that received lots of attention and see if you can reformulate these as Google or Facebook ads. It’s free testing, so why not use it and see how much sales increase?

Promote Your Affiliate Program

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, since readers often find affiliate links a bit slimy, but if you reach out to relevant sites you shouldn’t have any problems. Create affiliate links to your books or products through the Amazon Affiliate program. You can also do this on Commission Junction or ClickBank. Get other people to market for you and give them a cut of the sales.

Have Another Product Launch With Planned “Windows”

The movie industry is famous for selling films through what they call “windows.” This means that just because a movie is out of the box office doesn’t mean they aren’t still making tons of money off the picture. They simply move their efforts to DVD sales, pay per view, On Demand, rentals, streaming and international sales.

If your book or other product has been out for a while, why not initiate a secondary product launch? This reaches out to folks who didn’t even know you had a product launch in the first place. Create a plan for your own marketing windows, with pre-sales, email sign ups before hand, communications for reviews and feedback, additional incentives after someone buys and incentives for people to share the book or product. You should also think about re-branding with a new book or guide cover and investing money to spruce up the product with editing.

There are plenty of unique ways to make extra money online with your books, educational guides or whatever you plan on selling. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions for others on additional ways to make extra money.

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About Jay Wright

Jay Wright is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, acting as Managing Director at digital marketing agency Search Insights and Marketing Director at QualityTrade.com. Follow him on Twitter...


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