My Favorite Writing Apps for iPhone and Android

I have an iPhone, but prior to my switch I was a hardcore Android nut who loved to talk poorly about Apple products to my sister, a Steve Jobs worshiper. That said, there are plenty of writing apps for iPhone and Android that allow me to compile ideas, brainstorm, prepare for novel writing, limit distractions,¬†crush […]

Why and How I Stopped Using Microsoft Office

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles: Microsoft Office has become the industry standard for creating documents. Writers use Office for their work without thinking twice about the other, more efficient and cheaper alternatives. The primary benefit of using Microsoft Office is to sync up multiple computers on a business network. It also helps to keep your […]

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway – Reading Is A Writer’s Strongest Tool

Photo Credit: anankkml / Update: This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced on the morning of April 9th. Are you a writer or would you like to become one? One of the strongest tools in a writers arsenal is the ability to understand story structure, and viewing how successful writers have […]

Can Your Writing Learn Something From The Film Industry?

Photo Credit: Apple Eyes Studio via Yes, we all know the original book is almost always better than the adapted screen version. So what can your writing (and the writing industry) learn from movies? Movies and books are both wonderful storytelling mediums. However, movie productions provide some ideas on breaking past isolation barriers, bringing […]

Writing Myth: Start At The Beginning

An outline is essential when trying to design a well structured story without losing track of characters or plot points. However, is it necessary to write your story in order to come up with a quality result? Absolutely not. Tim O’Mara says that he avoids writing block by writing out of sequence, and from my […]

Limit Distractions: A Writer’s Guide To Minimize Multitasking

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith / As a former business student I have always been encouraged to take on as many tasks at the same time as possible. It was called multitasking, a valuable skill to list on a resume when applying for jobs right out of college. The ability to talk on the […]

Writing Myth: I’ll Make Up The Story As I Go

Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici] / I visited my parents yesterday in the suburbs of Chicago and tried to fight the resentment I often feel thinking that I should be sitting in my chair writing, instead of wasting a weekend away from my desk. I often forget the importance of getting out and […]