Go Mobile or Die

The time to go mobile is now. Pull out your phone or tablet device. If you don’t have one, ask a friend. Bring up your website and see what you find. Is it difficult to read? Do you have to zoom-in to view a legible version of the text? Is your header running off the […]

Write Away 10 Pounds In One Month

Does writing keep you out of shape? Photo Credit: samurai / freedigitalphotos.net It does for me. I wouldn’t say I’m pudgy, but I used to be a pretty good athlete with very little fat on my body. Since I graduated from college, started my marketing career, then moved onto writing, I noticed one big change: […]

How To Write And Travel

Can you write while traveling? The traveling writer faces many obstacles. Yes. Does it suck? Yes. After two weeks of traveling (for about a week to Indiana and an unexpected one week escapade of moving to a new home in Chicago) I have concluded one thing: Writing while traveling takes an extreme amount of self-control. […]

This One Dreadful Thing Will Help Your Creative Thinking

My personal life often conflicts with my writing. Photo Credit: JordanAnthony / Creative Commons My sister asks me to babysit my niece, my mom guilt trips me into tearing out cabinets for lake house renovations and my girlfriend sighs when I say I can’t go to a movie because I’m writing at 8:00pm. What I […]

What To Do After You Create A Blog Post

Look for short-term and long-term windows to share your posts. After you have found an idea for an intriguing blog post, concocted a beautifully written article, proofread and formatted, all that is left to do is hit the dreaded “Publish” button. I’ll be honest, I hesitate every time I push that little blue button, because […]

Why Writers Must Embrace Suffering

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici / Freedigitalphotos.net I was proposed an interesting question after my post titled We Are All Children’s Writers, where I encouraged writers to remember the joys of childhood to liven up their writing. But, what if you didn’t have an actual “childhood”? How can a person who wasn’t given a “playtime” […]

Can Your Writing Learn Something From The Film Industry?

Photo Credit: Apple Eyes Studio via Freedigitalphotos.net Yes, we all know the original book is almost always better than the adapted screen version. So what can your writing (and the writing industry) learn from movies? Movies and books are both wonderful storytelling mediums. However, movie productions provide some ideas on breaking past isolation barriers, bringing […]

We Are All Children’s Writers

I don’t have children, nor have I ever published a children’s story. I wrote a few short kid’s stories before, but nothing I considered sending out. I fancy myself a writer for adults, however after spending time with my niece Audrey and observing some of the shenanigans displayed by some of the local youths at […]

Crushing Writer’s Anxiety

I am a laid back person and very few things can get me to snap. However, writing can be one of those things. When I started thinking about writing for money and potentially making a living off of it, I legitimately thought that it would be the most relaxing, stress-free lifestyle anyone could hope for. […]

Writing Myth: Start At The Beginning

An outline is essential when trying to design a well structured story without losing track of characters or plot points. However, is it necessary to write your story in order to come up with a quality result? Absolutely not. Tim O’Mara says that he avoids writing block by writing out of sequence, and from my […]