Gracefully Losing Your Job or Big Freelance Clients

I’m a product of a lost job. I walked home from work one day, told my roommate I might have trouble paying the rent and figured out a way to squeeze my way back into my parents’ home after just a few years out of college. I knew I had to pick myself back up, but […]

Why and How I Stopped Using Microsoft Office

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles: Microsoft Office has become the industry standard for creating documents. Writers use Office for their work without thinking twice about the other, more efficient and cheaper alternatives. The primary benefit of using Microsoft Office is to sync up multiple computers on a business network. It also helps to keep your […]

Too Tired to Write, But You Can’t Sleep?

Photo Credit: graur codrin / Do you have trouble sleeping because a remarkable idea keeps bouncing around in your head? Is the exhaustion of your day getting to the point that you find it difficult to put words on the page? Day jobs, school, family, kids, parties and daily tasks wear you out to […]

Go Mobile or Die

The time to go mobile is now. Pull out your phone or tablet device. If you don’t have one, ask a friend. Bring up your website and see what you find. Is it difficult to read? Do you have to zoom-in to view a legible version of the text? Is your header running off the […]

The Best Twenty Dollars You’ll Spend All Year

I’m writing this from Lucca, Italy on the first leg of my Italy/Switzerland adventure. Spark Your Creativity With A Leather-bound Notebook That Fits Your Personality. I’ve learned a handful of things that make Europe unique, but I will save that for my next blog post. This time I’m going to talk about a simple product […]

Instant Stress Relief For Writers: Feel Happier With One Quick Change

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici / Laughter is the best stress reliever. But how can someone initiate laughter? And how can you keep the stem of this laughter from turning into procrastination? I often think that I am doing myself a favor by simply watching a sitcom and laughing. After all, laughing releases endorphins […]

Write Away 10 Pounds In One Month

Does writing keep you out of shape? Photo Credit: samurai / It does for me. I wouldn’t say I’m pudgy, but I used to be a pretty good athlete with very little fat on my body. Since I graduated from college, started my marketing career, then moved onto writing, I noticed one big change: […]

How To Write And Travel

Can you write while traveling? The traveling writer faces many obstacles. Yes. Does it suck? Yes. After two weeks of traveling (for about a week to Indiana and an unexpected one week escapade of moving to a new home in Chicago) I have concluded one thing: Writing while traveling takes an extreme amount of self-control. […]

Branding Like A Boss: The Writer’s Edition

Are you branding yourself properly? Photo Credit: Michal Marcol Writing often requires you to build separate platforms. This can cause increased anxiety, since you suddenly become the manager of multiple different brands. There is rarely any reason for this. As a writer, building a platform is essential, and hiding separate work from readers is doing […]

Writers Who Pick A Niche Get Better Results

There are various areas of your writing career that will require you to choose a niche. Photo Credit: thanunkorn / What type of blog you would like to offer, what type of books you would like to write and even what types of freelance clients you would like to work with. I’ve heard many […]