Too Tired to Write, But You Can’t Sleep?

Photo Credit: graur codrin / Do you have trouble sleeping because a remarkable idea keeps bouncing around in your head? Is the exhaustion of your day getting to the point that you find it difficult to put words on the page? Day jobs, school, family, kids, parties and daily tasks wear you out to […]

Go Mobile or Die

The time to go mobile is now. Pull out your phone or tablet device. If you don’t have one, ask a friend. Bring up your website and see what you find. Is it difficult to read? Do you have to zoom-in to view a legible version of the text? Is your header running off the […]

What Spiderman Can Teach You About RSS Feeds

Photo Credit: Roberto Verzo / Creative Commons Are you using an RSS feed for your website? If not, you are no Spiderman. Creating an RSS feed is crucial for the success of your blog for one simple reason: It adds to your web of connection options on the internet. Some people consume information online via […]

What To Do After You Create A Blog Post

Look for short-term and long-term windows to share your posts. After you have found an idea for an intriguing blog post, concocted a beautifully written article, proofread and formatted, all that is left to do is hit the dreaded “Publish” button. I’ll be honest, I hesitate every time I push that little blue button, because […]

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway – Reading Is A Writer’s Strongest Tool

Photo Credit: anankkml / Update: This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced on the morning of April 9th. Are you a writer or would you like to become one? One of the strongest tools in a writers arsenal is the ability to understand story structure, and viewing how successful writers have […]

How To Increase Blog Feedback From Readers

Photo Credit: digitalart via So you wrote up a brilliant blog post, but no one is commenting, right? Or maybe you are looking for more useful feedback, rather than the typical “great post” comment, in order to create a discussion or get ideas for future blog posts. Acquiring feedback from readers is tricky. Most […]

How To Spread Your Ideas

Photo Credit: ddpavumba/ There is no better idea than the idea of spreading your ideas. What? Ideas make the world run. Ideas bring people together. Ideas give a voice to the voiceless. I’ve made my opinion clear on the benefits of letting your million dollar idea shine, but in what ways can you do this? […]

Why Writers Must Embrace Suffering

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici / I was proposed an interesting question after my post titled We Are All Children’s Writers, where I encouraged writers to remember the joys of childhood to liven up their writing. But, what if you didn’t have an actual “childhood”? How can a person who wasn’t given a “playtime” […]

Can Your Writing Learn Something From The Film Industry?

Photo Credit: Apple Eyes Studio via Yes, we all know the original book is almost always better than the adapted screen version. So what can your writing (and the writing industry) learn from movies? Movies and books are both wonderful storytelling mediums. However, movie productions provide some ideas on breaking past isolation barriers, bringing […]

The Liebster Award

Thank you to Lisa from LisaWroble: Wonderings and Wanderings for recognizing me for this wonderful award. It’s an honor to be nominated and to be given the privilege to nominate other great bloggers for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is intended to recognize up-and-coming blogs, particularly those with fewer than 200 followers. Here are […]