9 Callouts That Guarantee Reader Comments

Photo Credit: domdeen / freedigitalphotos.net Do you find it difficult to get readers to post in your comment area? Creating comments is one thing, but what about generating an actual conversation where other people congratulate each other, give feedback or talk about writing in general? Comments create social credibility when people show up to your […]

Branding Like A Boss: The Writer’s Edition

Are you branding yourself properly? Photo Credit: Michal Marcol Writing often requires you to build separate platforms. This can cause increased anxiety, since you suddenly become the manager of multiple different brands. There is rarely any reason for this. As a writer, building a platform is essential, and hiding separate work from readers is doing […]

Writers Who Pick A Niche Get Better Results

There are various areas of your writing career that will require you to choose a niche. Photo Credit: thanunkorn / freedigitalphotos.net What type of blog you would like to offer, what type of books you would like to write and even what types of freelance clients you would like to work with. I’ve heard many […]

Nerd Is The Word

The Star Wars Episode 7 chatter has recently been flooding the internet and this Jedi is way too excited than any 25-year-old man should be for a story about super-powered monks with laser swords and alien dogs who communicate by wailing and throwing tantrums. Photo Credit: katybate / Creative Commons I’m a nerd. Not your […]

Why and How You Should Give Out an eBook (and more stuff) On Your Blog

How do you market your writing? Social media? Blog posts? Emails? Photo Credit: adamr / freedigitalphotos.net Building an email list is the most direct way to market a book or other product. Having thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes is wonderful, but it doesn’t have the direct marketing strength that email marketing provides. With […]

This One Dreadful Thing Will Help Your Creative Thinking

My personal life often conflicts with my writing. Photo Credit: JordanAnthony / Creative Commons My sister asks me to babysit my niece, my mom guilt trips me into tearing out cabinets for lake house renovations and my girlfriend sighs when I say I can’t go to a movie because I’m writing at 8:00pm. What I […]

What Spiderman Can Teach You About RSS Feeds

Photo Credit: Roberto Verzo / Creative Commons Are you using an RSS feed for your website? If not, you are no Spiderman. Creating an RSS feed is crucial for the success of your blog for one simple reason: It adds to your web of connection options on the internet. Some people consume information online via […]

What To Do After You Create A Blog Post

Look for short-term and long-term windows to share your posts. After you have found an idea for an intriguing blog post, concocted a beautifully written article, proofread and formatted, all that is left to do is hit the dreaded “Publish” button. I’ll be honest, I hesitate every time I push that little blue button, because […]

How To Create A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog In 10 Minutes Or Less [Screencast]

Photo Credit: phaitoon / freedigitalphotos.net Are you interested in getting your words out to the world? If so, you need to build a platform, and the easiest way to build this platform is by starting a blog. There are many free hosting options out there but in order to gain the most control over your […]

How To Increase Blog Feedback From Readers

Photo Credit: digitalart via freedigitalphotos.net So you wrote up a brilliant blog post, but no one is commenting, right? Or maybe you are looking for more useful feedback, rather than the typical “great post” comment, in order to create a discussion or get ideas for future blog posts. Acquiring feedback from readers is tricky. Most […]