Kindle Fire HD Giveaway – Reading Is A Writer’s Strongest Tool

Are You A Writer?

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Update: This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced on the morning of April 9th.

Are you a writer or would you like to become one?

One of the strongest tools in a writers arsenal is the ability to understand story structure, and viewing how successful writers have developed their own stories into intriguing ideas that must be shared with the world.

Ever since I received a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, I noticed that I read more than I ever have before. I still love the feel of a regular hard-copy book, but my Kindle Fire HD allows me to bring my library wherever I go.

So I want to share the love with everyone and create a dialogue with writers of all experience levels. Please let everyone know in the comments what level your writing career is at, what your biggest fears are and what tools you use to cope with these fears and advance your writing career.

In order to receive entries into the giveaway please fill out the form below. A comment and some sharing is required to enter. Also, keep in mind that you can tweet this once a day for an additional entry.

The giveaway will last until April 9th, 2013, after the Indiana Hoosiers cut down the nets in Atlanta, claiming a sixth championship banner. Good luck and go Hoosiers!

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway
Contest Rules:

  1. Please let everyone know in the comments what level your writing career is at, what your greatest fear is and what tools you use to cope with these fears and advance your writing career. Be sure to mark that you commented in the widget below. (I will also reference the comments and social media pages to make sure the winner completed all the rules) Feel free to put a link to a writing piece you are especially proud of as well.
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  1. I have been dying to own a Kindle Fire, but just don’t have the funds right now. Winning one would make my whole year! 🙂 It’s really difficult reading on my little phone when I buy the kindle versions of books or friends give me the kindle version. I am a beginning writer, if I even can put myself into that high of a category. I write poems for my blog, but have never been published, though I have always dreamed of being a published author someday. Thanks for the chance to win this. I’ve never won anything in my life so I hope my luck changes here lol. 🙂

  2. Hello. I am a newbie blogger. I have been blogging since February 28, 2013. My biggest fear is that no one will be interested, in reading, or visiting my blog site. I am thankful for the many online resources, and helpful tips from my fellow bloggers. I couldn’t go without these tools. I am most proud of Plunged Into Hell.

  3. What a great contest. I’d love to win a Kindle. I’m a professional editor and writer of non-fiction, but I’ve just embarked on a fiction-writing career. Not as easy as it sounds since it’s so much more fear-inducing to send out fiction and have others read it. I rely on friends who are also writers to keep me on track, as well as my desire to get my words out there. Love your updates. Thanks!

  4. I have been blogging for a couple years on fantasy, children’s lit, C.S. Lewis & Tolkien, and the big ideas they talk about. I also write fantasy books.
    My fear is silence. I would like my books, the good ones, to find there way to paper between fingers.
    I’m a Duke fan, but not a very good one!

  5. I think this is a great idea and a nice idea too.
    I found your site just last week and watched all the video (very helpful, thank you) and marveled at the organization of your site. Actually, it made me feel like maybe I should be stepping it up a bit in the web department. But I love your site and your emails, and now I’m just marveling at your marketing genius. Thanks.
    As for me, I’ve been writing articles for years and love doing it – but lately I’ve been thinking about a long-term personal project … I’m starting to get “Zen” but haven’t had that moment yet when the light bulb turns on over my head and I say – “Yeah, that’s it.” Status: Waiting.

  6. I started a personal blog four years ago, and slowly grew comfortable with the title of writer for myself. With practice, my words have been noticed and I now blog for 3-4 other blogs. I love the consistency of writing for individual blogs, plus constantly have different topics to write about, depending upon the blog that I am writing for that day. It means a consistent source of income, but I find that it always makes me somewhat lazy to strive for new places to write for. Regularly connecting with other writers reminds me to keep trying harder and striving for other places to test out my words.

  7. I have been writing for years and blogging for nearly two years. Last July I was given an incredible opportunity to work from home as a freelance editor with a website and digital magazine. At the time, I was just starting to dive into writing my YA book and children’s book series. However, I quickly discovered that finding the perfect balance to work from home, write, and still be a stay-at-home mom of two was nearly impossible.

    But, I’ve discovered a balance, decreased my work load, and am finally back to writing my children’s book series. If I didn’t have my blog, my source of inspiration and encouragement from fellow writers, I may have thrown in the towel. However, the posts I’ve written and the comments that have followed have been an endless amount of encouragement and motivation to keep on keeping on.

    Thank you for the incredible giveaway 🙂

  8. I have a Kindle Touch. I’d love to have a Kindle Fire too. Like you, I’ve found I read more since I got my Kindle, and that’s definitely helped my writing. I read voraciously when I was young, but kind of got out of the habit over the years.

    I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, and I’ve found it’s really helped my writing. The weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge I participate in is great practice. Also the practices on The Write Practice blog, though I haven’t been doing those consistently lately.

  9. My wife has a Nook, loves it, and I guess I eventually need to be dragged into the e book age, so winning a Kindle would be nice.

    I’ve finished one novel (unpublished) and am about half way through a second (its sequel) I’ve also written a few short stories and essays, all unpublished, but written mainly to feed my muse.

    My biggest fear as an author is dying before I get published (traditionally) or achieve a critical mass of sales through self-publishing, since I’m 57 years old and may not have most of a lifetime ahead of me like writers who are closer to twenty than to seventy.

    Regarding how I cope with my fear: at my age, I’m not afraid of much other than dying before I’m ready, so all I do is try to write something every day, whether it’s working on my novel, blogging, writing a thoughtful opinion piece, or a letter (via email) to a loved one. I also take online classes, attend workshops, conferences, sign up for webinars, read writing books, read novels in my genre, read writing blogs of all sorts (such as Joe’s) and generally try to earn my “Masters in Fine Arts the Street Way” (MFASW) on a shoestring budget.

    Bottom line, I won’t give up writing until the day comes when I no longer believe I’m getting better every day at my craft.

    I’m a Minnesota grad, but not into basketball nearly as much as hockey, where the Gophers have a legitimate chance of winning the Frozen Four this year. They lost in the semis last year and have a much improved team this year! Go Gophers, and I’ll take them in basketball too, even though I don’t think they’ll last past the second round.

  10. This is fantastic idea. Writers come with such a variety of backgrounds and influences. I will be reading this page to see the answers, regardless of the entry and possible prize. Fear has kept me at bay for many years. It was only because of the gentle prodding from my husband that I started my blog where I have works posted. I have proceeded to successfully submit some of my stories via contests and other submissions, but the fear of being taken to the next level is still one of my greatest fears. DO I have the stamina, ideas, etc. to make the stories grow. Support from my network has been a great resource. Like minds can help -always.

  11. Great contest. Here’s my competition entry.

    Hi, my name is Suzanne and I have an MA in Creative Writing.
    I first started blogging on a private group writing forum in 2010. Since then I have moved on to posting my writings, photographs and art on my own blogs. Here’s a link to a piece of fiction on my current blog.

    I am currently editing my first novel with a view to completion by the end of next week. I am considering publishing it on Kindle and will decide when I have finally finished working on the manuscript. Having my own Kindle Fire machine would definitely help! 🙂

  12. I have had short stories published in two anthologies (soon to be three). My first novel is due to be published by Firedance Books in the next month (ish) and I have three other novels in progress. I also contribute fortnightly to WriterLot (great place if you like shorts) , six weekly to the Firedance website , and similarly to the ofAlteredstates website. My greatest writing-related fear is that my writing is irrelevant. I use meditation and more writing to explore these and other fears. I write in an immersive style to explore emotions and thought processes in my characters.
    Here is a link to the opening of one of the novels I’m writing. I’ll be posting the first act of the novel in twelve parts (or thereabouts) on my website and on WriterLot.
    I ‘liked’ on Facebook a while back, so in this instance I’ll share your post instead, and I’ll track down your Twitter and Google+ pages.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I’ve been doing a blog for a few years now, mainly for something to do, mostly book reviews. Last November I entered and completed NaNoWriMo. Still not sure I’ll ever share that novel but I have been doing more and more writing, maybe one day I’ll start sharing my writing. For now though I’m happy writing just for the joy of writing.

  14. I am a new author and would like a Kindle Fire HD in order to take advantage of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. I am a Prime member but lack an actual Kindle device.

    My books are in the YA dystopian, speculative fiction genre and I also have written 3 thriller short stories. My first book, LYCCYX: Episode 1 is available as an eBook, paperback and Audible audiobook. Episode 2 is to be released soon.

  15. I’m in that awkward phase of having just submitted my first novel to agents and not having heard back from any of them yet. Waiting is hard.
    But I’ll be writing a sequel in April and the third book in November. So excited to get back to writing raw, first drafts instead of tweaking the never-finished manuscript.
    You can read the first chapter of my book on my website: It’s Steampunk YA.

  16. I’m relatively new to the professional writing world, but I’ve been writing ever since I was 7. My second grade teacher told me I was the only student she had ever had who grasped the idea of a paragraph from the get go, and that’s what stuck with me and pushed my interest into something I didn’t know I could be good at. My greatest fear is to never be heard. I don’t care about money or fame or any of that good stuff, I just want people to respect my work and respect me as a person, but it’s hard to shine in the midst of a sea of others who feel the exact same way. I’ve underestimated the amount of work that I’m able and willing to put into this, and opening myself up into the blogging world recently has been a fantastic decision. These are the ways I cope with my fears — by communicating with the other voices out there who are both in the same boat and more successful than I. Writers come in all walks of life, and intertwining with them is a very exciting experience.

    To add a piece I’m particularly proud of, here’s a link to a hike I had that made me realize the importance of inspiration, encouragement, and imagination:

  17. I am just at the beginning of my writing career and am trying to establish my platform and sort of get things into place. I have some ideas for some freelance articles but haven’t yet researched which publications they would be well-suited for. My biggest fear is that I will get frustrated and quit before I even really get started. All of the things a writer has to do to get noticed seems rather overwhelming to someone who isn’t really much of a tech junkie. I plan to use skills I learned from Rational Emotive Therapy to get me through. This involves questioning some of those off the wall thoughts I have about failure that hurt my self-esteem and giving real answers to those questions. I would LOVE a Kindle Fire! My hubby has been wanting to get one for me since they came out. Thanks, Joe, for this opportunity!

  18. I’m not quite sixty years old, and I started writing for publication last year, after being an amateur poet and songwriter all my life. I’ve worked with learning readers for over twenty years, and have an insight into how reading aloud boosts literacy. I have six children’s books self-published in the Amazon Kindle Store, and am just about to add a sixth. I also blog about children’s eBooks and how families can foster literacy through reading aloud and coordinating fun, family activities. I also blog on my author page, and a family history site, and have a personal blog where I just “scribble.” (Because writers write.)

    I guess my greatest “fear” is that I will miss out on the latest and greatest technical strides that are making self-publishing and self-marketing possible and feasible. Consequently I slurp up all the tutorials and “how-to” books and am constantly putting into use what I learn. My philosophy is that I’m writing those stories, poems and articles that only I can write. And that the people who enjoy and benefit from them may be few, but it IS possible to find them and promote to them. So I am extending my communication lines into the world wide web, and learning as I go how to take advantage of the social media, the ease of publication and communication to find who my readers are, what they need and want, and how to get it to them.

  19. Donna Chubb says:

    I have published Golden Hope, a science fiction YA to adult book. My fear is that it’s not as good as I think it is. I love it, I think it’s great, but maybe I’m prejudiced, no, I definitely am prejudiced. What I’m doing about it is to get the word out about it where I can; business cards, website, blog, twitter, facebook and on and on. I find I’m spending more time on media than writing the sequel. I’m hoping when the sequel comes out, it will help. Anyway, if I’m not writing, I’m reading, so a Kindle Fire would be so awesome.

  20. I’ve been writing for a long time. In the last year or so I finally decided to make a professional go of it. Currently working on my BFA for creative writing for entertainment.

  21. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. A couple of years ago I decided to go after my BFA for writing, just a year left. Now I am making a go of going pro and actually getting something finished and published.

  22. I recently quit y job to focus on writing full-time. It’s going OK. I have a lot of irons in the fires and I’m putting my work out there, but I’m not getting a lot back. My biggest fear is a year from now still not earning any money. I mean, I’m not writing to be rich, but I don’t want to just rely on my husband’s income forever.

  23. I recently quit my job to focus on writing full-time. It’s going OK. I have a lot of irons in the fires and I’m putting my work out there, but I’m not getting a lot back. My biggest fear is a year from now still not earning any money. I mean, I’m not writing to be rich, but I don’t want to just rely on my husband’s income forever.

  24. I don’t watch college basketball. So go college team of your choice, since none of the Texas schools are in it.

  25. Great idea for a contest! I’ve just had a first fiction ebook published (Deception Island). I haven’t a lot of experience in epublishing and blogs but hope to catch up!

  26. Kristine Adams says:

    I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and participated in the 2012 NaNoWriMo for the discipline of completing a great deal in a short time. The eventual revision of elements gathered in that piece may result in a collection of short stories–a challenge in itself–but I yearn and hope to braid my MC’s lives together in an elegant, useful way. That’s enough of a challenge!

  27. Kathleen Ewing says:

    Professional freelance writer turned fiction writer. At my age, I’m pretty fearless. My earlier fear consisted of spending too much time on the internet and on social media. Now I allow a max of half an hour a day. And my writing computer is a laptop with the WiFi permanently turned off.

  28. Giveaway-tastic!

    I’m scared by the fact that most other people out there writing have been doing it since they were old enough to hold a crayon, and I only started recently- will I ever catch up??? I was fed up doing something for a living I was good at but no longer enjoying, and was starting to get demotivated by those around me who loved their job. I wanted some of that love. What keeps me going? My other half for one, she’s awesome for providing me with the space to indulge in our busy family life. The fact that I can combine writing with a love of all-things-gadgetery (writing this in Evernote on my phone). And the fact that I bloomin well love writing.

    Got a couple of short stories under my belt, a novel I’m outlining, a novella I’m reworking and several smaller pieces (reviews, articles and the like) on the go. Blimey, best get back to it!

  29. I am a writer with a few articles/stories accepted for publication in various magazines. I am working on finishing the third draft of my novel manuscript, THE RIVER NYMPH’S DAUGHTER. I have a blog (Drafting Dreams Blog), a blog for new writers and a encouragement for new writers like me. You can check it out at What scares me most is all the time I’ve invested in writing so far to be a waste. Though I know this is silly, I feel having a published novel in my hand is the only way I can feel like I have truly succeeded. My blog has been a great moral booster, though, and I will continue to write no matter what because – I just love to write. I can’t get away from it.

  30. Hi!
    My writing level is growing more and more toward a professional level, finally. I’ve spent about the last 18 years writing and submitting articles and short storie to different publications. I have several shorts out in anthologies, and joy of joys, my first novel will be released in late spring this year. I’m very happy.

    My greatest fear is that a project that I work on day in and out, and pour my soul into along with blood, sweat, and tears, won’t make it into publication for one reason or another. I’m speaking of novel length work, not short stories. I grow so close to my lead characters, that I worry their stories won’t be heard. What if I turn out a project and have myself convinced it’s my best work and no one agrees? I guess, that’s my worry. I also worry about everyday stress blocking me up, but I’ve grown to be able to get in the writing cave and find a good zone.

    This is a link to an antho with one of my favorite short stories inside. I’m in there with some really talented ladies and it’s a big honor.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Evelyn Guy says:

    I am sort of a beginner, as I am not published, except for a POD. I have written 5 complete manuscripts, and several starts. But, I am afraid to submit. I think I am afraid of hearing “No.” I am making a goal of submitting 13 items or queries in 2013. I think once I start submitting, I will get over the hump.

    I really would love a Kindle. I have time to read at work from time to time, but would love to do it with a Kindle. I have Kindle for PC, but that is awkward.

  32. I am just at the beginning of blogging. I feel like it is just so personal that I don’t want to share it with friends and family, but I know that is a great way to get the word spread about my blog. I also have written short stories and entered them in a few contests, with no luck. There have been many contests that I felt I had a great idea, but never wrote it down. It was my way of avoiding rejection.
    I have vowed in the next couple of months to put it out there. Create a blog that I am proud of to share with friends and family to help get a start.

  33. Katherin Smith says:

    I am an ultra beginner! I write more for myself right now than anyone else and I want to make it more than just a hobby. I think my biggest fear is failure and ridicule for presuming to think that anyone would be interested in what I have to say. Reading other author’s blogs and websites are a great way to motivate myself.

  34. Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve been a freelance blogger for just under 2 years, and this year I published my first book for writers, ‘A Writer’s Bucket List’ ( My biggest fear anytime I share writing with the world is wondering if I did ENOUGH to polish it. I wrote about that for Positive Writer last month:

    To cope with that fear… I have to find ways to force myself to share work. I set launch dates and share them with readers, so I’m held responsible. I follow an editorial calendar for my blog. I promise guest posts to other bloggers. Also, talking to the people who read your work is a huge help – they remind you that you DO know what you’re doing!

  35. I am new to blogging, but I have been writing for decades. Currently gathering dust are two novels and a collection of short stories. I would love to have a Kindle, not just for reading, but to use to browse while I am writing in cafes. As a new blogger, I am trying to read as many blogs as I can, and having a Kindle would be a great help–I could read blogs while I wait in lines, get stuck in traffic, etc. I also want to become very familiar with a Kindle because my grandchildren just got one and I want to keep up!

  36. I am an avid follower of fundedforwriters and C Hope Clark. She has given me so much good advice and encouragement that I feel like a groupie when I read her site.
    Because of her newsletter I have submitted many stories and have been published many times over. I am so very grateful for that. I can now call myself a published author but one who still has a lot to learn. My two books, 101 Glimpses of The North Fork and Islands and The Wampum Exchange found publishers through Hope’s website. I also learned that writing shorter pieces has advantages, like producing more income than books in the early stages of a career.
    I am an avid reader already and know that reading actively helps writers if they pay attention to language and style. I would love to win this kindle fire so I can take my books with me more easily than carrying stacks of them.

  37. pj kincaid says:

    The level of my writing is heavy on the story starts, light on the story ends and thus, unpublished. My greatest fear concerning my writing is that my level of writing will never change! So far, the tools I have tried to use are other people’s writing, i.e. I am reading fiction again. Seems I’ve gone through a few years of not doing this? Stress of everyday life hindered my ability to devour a book. Reading more has made the words flow more readily and some of those story starts have actually grown endings!

    • Way to go pj!
      You are unlocking the doors! Reading does stimulate teh brain and unleashes the imagination laying dorment. I find if I don’t have time to read, playing a movie for background noise gives me a bit of the stimulation too. Then again, I am finding ways to develop screenwriting skills. I found that if you are able to envision what is going on in a movie, it is written well.
      Keep plucking away!

      • pj kincaid says:

        Thanks for the encouragement, Liz. Pluck away I will! 🙂 ..and good luck to you on the screenwriting!

  38. pj kincaid says:

    oh, and Michigan State. 😉

  39. This is a terrific idea, and I’ve really enjoyed reading everybody’s comments.

    I’m a published author of three romantic comic novels, two on paper (Drama Queen; The Fidelity Project), and the most recent via Crimson Romance. Frankly, I had thought that this last book, That Magic Mischief, was dead in the drawer, but I kept tweaking it, and it eventually found its way out into the ether.

    I don’t even have a decent digital reader, which seems ridic given that I’ve got a book floating around out there!

    I think my main fear has always had to do with whether or not I’d actually have the energy and patience to work my way into another novel — it’s exactly where I am now, with my wish to start on the second in the That Magic… series. I’ve got all the notes, I’ve got the beginning, I’ve got the ending, and I haven’t got the time yet to get stuck into it. I’ll get there, somehow, as I have done in the past, but right now it feels like I’ll never figure it all out.

    I’ve also got two blogs: links with my journalism work as beauty writer, and, which I’ve had since 2007. I took up horseriding as an adult, and have finished a strong third draft of a memoir concerning the horses and the end of my marriage.

    I have always written, I always snuck bits and pieces of screenplays, stage plays, and novels down on paper when I was working in office jobs … and now I am a full time writer — I didn’t give up, so don’t give up!

    I’m happy to share a piece I wrote in tribute to my recently departed dad:

  40. hminnesota says:

    I love to write but mainly short stories. I am really good at verbal story telling and I am converting that to writing. My big issue is some days I don’t get creative thoughts and some days, I don’t want to anything else but write.

  41. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m more of a shy writer, if there is such a thing. I tend to write and keep journals mostly. I’d really love to start a blog, but don’t feel confident enough at this point.

  42. I’m an accidental writer. I didn’t start out to be a writer and if anyone said that’s what I end up doing, I’d have thought they were one peanut short of a Snickers bar. But writing has given me the flexibility and freedom I wanted to work from home and be with my kids. I started a website in 1998 about working at home as a project and it grew into a business and led to a book in 2009, The Work-At-Home Success Bible. Along with info products I sell on my own sites, I freelance write for online markets and businesses. My passion right now is fiction writing, which I do under a pen name. So far I’ve self-published 3 books and a novella, and I have a book sitting on an editor’s desk waiting to hear if she wants to buy it. I also teach courses in writing and selling a non-fiction book and ebook publishing.

    I don’t have much fear anymore (except maybe worrying about bad reviews), but I do have procrastination. Writing, particularly long works, takes so much time. I wish I could get my ideas out faster. I long for the day there is an app that will download the story in my brain right to my computer. Sometimes I think my writing isn’t good enough and nearly talk myself out of trying to sell it (which I suppose is a sort of fear). The tools I use to help me write and advance my career is just to keep telling myself that I won’t sell anything if I don’t submit. I recently started a new blog that helps people make a living writing online. I made a post the other day about how you can’t win if you don’t play that talks about submitting your writing.

    As far as a tangible tool, I love Evernote for storing notes and ideas, plotting, researching and writing drafts.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances of winning, but I don’t like basketball. It always interrupts my favorite shows in the spring:)

  43. Robert Marazas says:

    Bio: won first place in the Dahlonega Literary Festival 2007 Novel Contest, for my novel Dimensions In Ego, and published short fiction and flash fiction in ten Anthologies and on-line/print venues.
    Fear: I won’t see my novel actually published.
    Resources: Hope Clark’s Funds For Writers has no peers.
    NCAA madness: Gonzaga’s gone, so I’m counting on the Hoosiers for my second chance.

  44. Marie Ruediger says:

    Level your writing career is at: Poet (both self-published and also published in other media channels)
    What your greatest fear is: Not accomplishing my goals
    What tools you use to cope with these fears and advance your writing career: Great support network, goal-setting, being industrious, having faith, and always learning
    Link to a writing piece you are especially proud of as well:

  45. I have been writing for a couple of years now. My belief in my writing has so far only been heightened by blogging…and reading other peoples blogs. On a daily basis, I feel like I need/want a big shove. Not to write but to take it a step further and get published, find an agent…unearth the book I so want to be immersed in writing. So far no shove is evident. I wait. But every day, I just keep on writing!

  46. I’ve got two books out The Shadow of A Dog I Can’t Forget, now in its
    5th Printing and Squinting Over Water – Stories (I think I’ve sold about a
    thousand at this point). I’m working on a third book, a novel, The Girl With Sand in Her Hair. My greatest fear is that literary fiction will become a lost art. I have a sign on the big oak tree in front of my house that reads:
    askmeaboutmybooks. Storytelling by writers who hold themselves to the highest writing standards needs to succeed and I wanna be part of the movement that cherishes and insists on that.

    My best advice to any writer is simple: write something every day. I also
    believe that as writers we are a curious bunch and that nothing is lost on
    us, so start a fragment file where you put EVERYTHING that might be used in a future story or one you’re working on. You will start to see patterns of
    what interests you, what you’re passionate about as a writer and what themes matter most to you.

    Best of luck all!

    Mary Kennedy Eastham

  47. Been writing on and off for years. Have had some articles published. Greatest fear is failure, almost more so than trying. Sad, isn’t it? I try to write humorous stuff on my blog and am currently writing my first novel. We’ll see how that goes.

  48. I have been writing at Eco-Babyz for over 4 years, it’s been a journey! English is actually my second language, but I love to write in both languages (Russian and English). I love writing blog posts for pleasure, for informing others, and how-to articles (such as recipes and tutorials). I wish I had more time to write, but that’s complicated with a 4 year old and 16 month old!

  49. I’ve been writing ever since I could, but have been writing seriously since college (studied creative writing). My first manuscript, The Assassin of Aldarhaij, is near completion (editing stage), and I’ve been blessed to have worked with a great deal of authors and friends who have given me great insight. Ari Berk (The Undertaken Trilogy), Joseph Nassise (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles), Lana Krumwiede, Michael Scott, Cidney Swanson, just to name a few. I started a writing and book blog in Feb 2012 to network with other writers and members of the publishing community, and I have a wonderful team of writers who have joined me on the blog. Winning a Kindle Fire HD would be awesome and would greatly assist me on my blog and my writing journey.

  50. My writing “career” hasn’t even begun, so to speak. My work isn’t related to writing. I have just recently started to make a conscious effort to put some of my thoughts down into a blog, which as you may see is still budding.

    My greatest fear is to not be understood by people. I tend to use language as my own interpretation of it, and it sometimes just ends up being an incomprehensible piece of work, for the others. So, the purpose of writing is left defeated. We all, as writers, write for personal expression, and we wish for that personal expression to be perceived, understood, and appreciated in much shining light. So, I always use my thesaurus to keep my language in a seamless flow of lucid language, broken down to a level understood by all.

    I really like two pieces of my writing, most of which are always an aspiration to break free. Here are the links, hope you enjoy it. Thanks,

  51. Danielle says:

    I used to write pretty good poetry, in fact, I had a couple published. I haven’t been writing much because I have been raising 6 children and a husband. Someday I hope to sit down and write a book.

  52. I’m a very new blogger, just started in mid March. I also write fantasy and some poetry, and am very nearly done with my first book, and about halfway with a second. My greatest fear as a writer is that no one will read my work, or if they do, that they won’t enjoy it. And so far, I can just try to put my work out there more, and just keep writing what I want to write, and hope others enjoy.
    This is a link to a recent poem I wrote, which I’m pretty happy about:
    And this is the prolog to my first book:

  53. paula s says:

    This would be so great for me and my small daughter. We are just starting to write children stories together. She is my inspiration and gives me the ideas to grow with in writing.

  54. Michelle Wellington says:

    The biggest fear I have about writing is family seeing my writing. For whatever reason I have no problem showing my friends, but I feel like my family will think it’s silly. I guess they are more conservative and would expect me to get a normal job. I send out many of my poems and have not been paid for my work yet, but have been published on several school publications. My friends are the people who help me gain confidence in my work and keep going! Thanks for this opportunity.

  55. Great story! It’s so true that reading is important!

  56. Most days I’m writing or thinking about writing. Therefore, a blog that owns the subject of women’s issues will soon make its debut. I’m an analog creative in a digital world. I’m co-writing a screenplay while trying to pay the bills as a writer, editor and voice-over talent. My greatest weakness and fear is self-marketing. To advance this third chapter of my professional life, I seek advice from the gurus, attend webinars, write out my pitches, and step up the digital ladder byte by byte. Truth is, I write to learn and expect to crack the code in 2013 as an author of essays, short fiction, poetry, stage plays and screenplays.
    I’m proud to claim Muncie, Indiana, as my birthplace. Only now, as a fan of NCAA basketball, I must shift allegiance to the underdog Shockers.

  57. Until the end of 2012, my writing career consisted of sporadic bursts of activity, including rare but lucrative writing assignments and speaking engagements. When invited, I have recited/performed my poems for community organizations and have taught at schools. A city mayor in Maryland and by a national multiple best-selling author commissioned me to write poetry for special events they planned.

    Since childhood, I also have won a handful of contests, spoken-word slams and hosted a monthly poetry event, over a 10 year span, at various locations in my region. And at the beginning of 2013, I started a daily haiku writing habit. I post these poems on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress (my website).

    Although, I am using the responses to these poems to assess the marketability of my work, I have only self-published small, saddle-stitched chapbooks. I know the next step is to add a “spine” (literally). This is where the fear begins.

    Book store managers in venues, where I hosted readings, told me that poetry books are the lowest selling product in their stores. Because of this, I could not imagine competing with anyone, living or dead, whose publications were already on those shelves. This was before e-books became popular and I do not know if that statistic has changed.

    Demand for my printed work is usually highest after I perform or recite, but I am not sure about the demand for printed poems without the added excitement of a performance to build interest. While interaction with fellow poets on-line, who “fave”, “like” or “retweet” my posts, provides a boost to my confidence, I know of no tools to cope with or overcome these fears. However, my commitment to daily writing and posting of poems on the internet is my step forward with my writing career.

    My most popular “signature poem”, that I perform and sell as a bookmark, is not available on-line. But, I am especially proud of another poem that was selected as a winner in the 2006 Moving Words Contest (Washington, DC area). It is one of six top prize winners. Mine is listed #5 on this site (not a ranking):

    I hope my lack of allegiance to an NCAA team does not disqualify me for this contest. I have been wanting a Kindle Fire HD for some time now and would be very grateful to win one.

    Thank you for this contest. Writing about my writing has forced me to look at my gift and my circumstances at a crucial decision-point in my life.

  58. Amy Lutz says:

    I have been writing since I was a child – countless short stories, poetry, essays – greeting cards lol but been more of a hobby I guess haven’t gone the rest of the way yet. Lets be honest here though – I’ve written so much its more of a fire hazard then hobby lol…but I got three of those accordian file boxes and filed them away in there – before just stuffed in a suitcase – used to move cross country – at the drop of a hat- with one suitcase of clothes and the other of my writings. I took little else save a plane ticket and a job offer. My newest adventure is my six year old but believe me – back then could have used something like the Kindle – but electronic book readers only existed in the sci fi I read from the fifties lol.

  59. Amy Lutz says:

    I have been writing since I was a child – countless short stories, poetry, essays – greeting cards lol but been more of a hobby I guess haven’t gone the rest of the way yet. Lets be honest here though – I’ve written so much its more of a fire hazard then hobby lol…but I got three of those accordian file boxes and filed them away in there – before just stuffed in a suitcase – used to move cross country – at the drop of a hat- with one suitcase of clothes and the other of my writings. I took little else save a plane ticket and a job offer. My newest adventure is my six year old but believe me – back then could have used something like the Kindle – but electronic book readers only existed in the sci fi I read from the fifties lol.

  60. Amy Lutz says:

    Oh and my greatest fear…would have to be…taking the leap! Not sure what tools I would need in my arsenal besides bravery and the impulsiveness to leap with both feet! In the past any great adventures I had were made on impulse. There was no other way – otherwise I’d be still sitting at home when the opportunity passed me by…still being practical and weighing the pros and cons!

  61. I’m at the beginning of my writing “career”. My biggest fear is that I will run out of ideas or not be able to express myself in a descriptive, entertaining way.

  62. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I am a beginner. I am afraid that people will not be interested in what I have to say. And that I will not be able to think of new ideas to write. I am just a beginner so I really haven’t got any ideas to get over these fears and haven’t had a problem with them yet, fingers crossed it will be a while that I run into these.

  63. I write for fun, I’m afraid of people judging my writing, I don’t post anything with personally identifiable information.

  64. april yedinak says:

    I have been writing on and off for 30 years. I don’t really have a big fear regarding writing, but my biggest challenge is lack of time and ambition. I like to write for me, I am not currently in a place where I am pursuing it as a career in any real way. My blog is on hiatus probably until Summer because it was just too time consuming between homeschooling my kids and trying to keep my house from falling into a complete shambles.

  65. april yedinak says:

    My fave NCAA team is the Louisville Cardinals- my alma mater.

  66. I love writing in my free time as it helps me express my thoughts and feelings! I am not pursuing writing as a career, but I definitely write on almost daily! 🙂

  67. I am not a writer, however I love reading books and would love to win this giveaway

  68. I used to write a lot of poetry, but have been so busy of late I never seem to find the time.
    I don’t really have any fears about writing. I write for myself, and it helps to center me.
    I am not looking (at this time, anyway) to having a writing career. I would, however, love to live in a bookstore so I would have access to all those books when everyone else is asleep!

  69. kelly nicholson says:

    Please let everyone know in the comments what level your writing career is at,

    never even started…this would help

  70. My writing is mainly for myself although I did have one article published in a magazine. Mostly inspirational true stories.

  71. Ashley Morrissey says:

    The extent of my writing career is as simple as it was when I was ten years old. Just some odd thoughts in a notebook, a short story I’ve conjured up or one of my many poems. My greatest fear is failure and my way of coping with it is by not giving up. If you don’t ever give up..who’s to say you ever did fail?

  72. carla bonesteel says:

    I would love to win a Kindle Fire…I have written poems that have won contests and been published…I am currently working on a “secret” story…that I cannot divulge too much about. My life was very interesting at a younger age, and it is making quite a story…My biggest fear is the feelings that writing this story will bring up. I have NO idea how to cope Sorry.

  73. Lee Anne says:

    I blog a lot about products that I love. I think the fear I have is blogging about personal stuff instead !

  74. Pretty much a newb writer. A lot of experience as an undergrad and law school, but that type of writing does not fit the style or purpose I now want to focus on.

  75. Sorry, also forgot to mention that my biggest fear right now is that I may feel to uniformed about topics I am writing about and I plan to get over it by trying to follow through and give feedback on everything I talk about.

    As for the NCAA, the Illini aren’t exactly in it anymore.

  76. Daniel M says:

    I’ve discovered I’m a terrible writer, not sure if I should keep up the effort or give up

  77. My writing level is ‘dreaming of writing’. Have some ideas for kids books but that’s about where I’m at.

  78. I am just starting out. I am still working up the courage to do what I know I am good at

  79. Rebecca Peters says:

    I would love to write and I am definitely a beginner

  80. Sherry Conrad says:

    So far, mostly ghostwriting for me – at least that anyone has seen. I have some children’s stories I wrote when my girls were little I am considering tweaking.

  81. Becky Richied says:

    I myself write for fun about my life growing up and I share it with my children. But for this contest I have in mind my two daughters that love to write. One is 18 and the other is 14. They spend a lot of time on the fanfiction website and put their writing on their for others to read and comment on. I do admire them for this because I would of been to afraid of the criticism when I was younger. I do have some strong daughters. Thanks for the opportunity, I would love to win this for my daughters.

  82. Katie K says:

    I’m definitely an amateur….looking to get into blogging now.

    Biggest fear is that I will lose motivation to continue the project.

  83. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    My level of writing is intermedial. I’ve always been told since I was a child that I was a good writer but I’m still not sure if that means much. I’ve always wanted to write a book but I didnt think I had enough in me

  84. I worked as a journalist on a daily paper for awhile and then spent many years doing business writing, so I’m pretty secure with non-personal non-fiction, but I’d love to set up a blog and am experiencing writer’s block at the idea of writing about my personal life.

  85. Kenny F says:

    very basic level, some reviews

  86. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am at an amateur level. I love writing but rarely share it with others. My biggest fear is rejection.

  87. Barbara Montag says:

    I’m a beginner writer.
    My biggest fear is I’ll develop writer’s block.
    I do a lot of cognitive thoughts to override this.
    Thank you.

  88. Deborah Stuart says:

    Thank you for following me on my journey. I am not really a writer per se, but enjoy blogging. Mostly about books and cinema. But I am going round the world at the moment and have been sharing my adventures with people at home ( and now you). I have a Kobo with the classics on it, some for each country I am staying in which has been both interesting and instructive. Though the 19th century bears little relation to some of the places I have been in so far!

  89. What a boatload of information on writing…I’m writing down as we speak, because as a writer, I really enjoy other writers and would be writers because we have so many words in common. I should make a list! That said, comedy is my thing, and “Drafted” by Rich Allan is available on your Kindle HD Fire. Be gentle, it’s my first time. My next novel is better and coming out soon!