How To Spread Your Ideas

There is no better idea than the idea of spreading your ideas.


Ideas make the world run. Ideas bring people together. Ideas give a voice to the voiceless.

I’ve made my opinion clear on the benefits of letting your million dollar idea shine, but in what ways can you do this? Is there a smart way to approach the concept of spreading your ideas?

Why yes there is.

Think about the possibilities. We all have ideas, but it’s only the ones who act on those ideas who find success. Luckily for you there are some very easy ways to spread the word and get your voice heard.

Your friends have friends too

Your first line of offense should be your friends and family. Email everyone you know and trust to deliver the good news. Post your thoughts and concerns on your blog or Facebook page to receive feedback from other people. I understand this can be nerve racking, or maybe you don’t want people to steal your idea.

No one will take you seriously, until you tell them your plans. You don’t have to take every bit of feedback that comes your way, but getting the word out to the world will only make you more confident and more grounded in the work you are doing. Once you tell someone you are building an iPhone app you are suddenly an entrepreneur, once you tell someone your idea for your book you are suddenly an author. It tears at your gut initially, but after that you will strengthen your confidence.

The intranet machine

Any person who has ever been to a bar, or taken a shower or played a game of cards with friends has had a remarkable idea. The person who turns that idea into a success is the one who gets up the next morning and does something about it. Luckily with the internet you have the tools to make your dream a reality.

Be in more than one place at one time. It’s possible, so why not do it? Spread your name everywhere you can possibly imagine online. Create your Facebook and Twitter pages, change your email signature, guest post everywhere you can possibly think of, talk to the press to get your idea placed into a press release.

Play some hot potato

With the internet we are given the opportunity for instant sharing. If something is worth telling a friend, that friend finds it worth sharing to one of their own friends. Great ideas are few and far between, but the ability to come up with something rare, something that strikes a chord with people and makes them wonder and think, allows you to forget the whole marketing thing.

And that’s all fine and dandy, but what about a product? Even a revolutionary product or piece of art can’t go viral if people are not willing to even give it a chance.

Why did JK Rowling get rejected 12 times before getting a publisher? That’s not viral marketing. Well, people didn’t realize the wonders of Harry Potter until they actually read the book. But how do you get someone to read the book?

You don’t. You need to get people to buy your idea before they even know what it means. This is where indirect marketing comes in.

You must capture a viewers attention with something other than your product. Your idea might sell itself after people use it, but before hand, it’s just another idea in a saturated market. Get the game of hot potato going with an ice breaker. And for you artists out there who are too good to sell your product (because you are an arteest), this is the ultimate artistic challenge: creating something out of literally nothing.

Seth Godin said that no one notices a cow on the side of the road, because it’s too normal. However, if there was a purple cow on the side of the road, that would turn some heads. Everyone is trying to get their idea noticed, so create your purple cow by creating something other than your original idea.

Do it like the cavemen did.

Oroverde, a German rain forest preservation group setup signs on trees that stated, “Need money for my family in the rain forest.” The signs simulated a treelike homeless person (with wooden hands and all) and encouraged people to go to their website and donate to preserve the rain forest. Donations skyrocketed because of this indirect, offline sales technique. Offline marketing is still one of the most powerful tools when used effectively.

Make your purple cow, and forget about how brilliant your book or business or phone app idea is. No one cares until you show them something spectacular.

Let me know how you have shared your idea in the comment section.

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  1. Wow. Great post. I’ve been thinking about the “purple cow” aspect a lot these days–how you can turn an overused trope into something fresh. Brainstorming with friends and family has been a big help. As you mentioned, you need to get the word out there. Listening to their critiques helped me hone some of my ideas.

  2. Very nice post. It’s moved me closer to thinking about posting my ideas on Facebook (I’m still dealing with the “nerve-wracking” part you mentioned lol! I think it’s great how you’re encouraging others. Nice job.

  3. Great thoughts here, Joe – I always appreciate your posts!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I will continue to share my ideas regardless of whether anyone ‘out there’ hits the like button or posts a comment. I know I’ve read tons of great content that has touched me in some meaningful way, yet due to time, kids, or technical dysfunction, never had a chance to chime in with my two cents.

    I do wonder though, how my sort of consumption ever correlates to dollars in the pocket of the careful creator, and hope that it is indeed in my sharing that the abundance for the artist continues to flow.

  4. excellent- husband has been wondering why I accept offers to write articles and do not get paid- i keep telling him it is a barter arrangment free article form me = free advertizing from them

  5. Wow, nice article and blog! That follow led me to a great place, that’s for sure πŸ™‚

    Facebook is a very effective way to start sharing your ideas, especially when you first start off. You get honest feedback from your friends, and can even…coerce some of them into sharing it with their friends πŸ˜€

  6. Thank you for the inspiration Joe. Judging my ideas and shielding them from others have been huge obstacles to self-realization in my professional life. I am still not ready to fully open up for some reason. Sometimes I think it is because the ideas are so perfect when in my head but when revealed to others they lose their glamour. So I guess I prefer to think of myself as undercover genius then uncovered failure πŸ™‚ Btw, great help in overcoming your fears by Marie Forleo

  7. I’ve read Seth Godin’s The Purple Cow. It’s inspiring. I think we over think what a purple cow is. We imagine fire works in the sky when a simple lantern on a dark night will do the trick just the same and, in some ways, might be more inviting.

    Thanks for the reminder, Joe=)

  8. I needed this boost in getting my word out there, so thank you. The purple cow has given me something to think about. Thanks, you’ve won a new follower.

  9. Hey Joe! I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award. Fun times. Thanks for having a great blog!

  10. a very interesting post. thanks for stopping by and appreciating my work.

  11. Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing your experience. Every mentor counts! I’m in the sharing my idea with friends and family and a few trusted professionals stage. Lots of positive feedback so far, so courageously onward i march :o)

  12. Please Admin share it on your page and with friends:
    Please Pray and Share it with your friends and family

  13. If you’ve got a really nice idea it will spread by itself. Word of mouth is the most powerful thing!