100+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers, Authors and All Scribblers

A crucial step in the writing process–whether for fun or to make money–is launching a website/blog and either practicing or selling your work on that site. Whether a full-time freelance writer, burgeoning poet, wandering travel writer or a hobbyist who simply wants to share some thoughts, the internet is your friend for gaining an audience. Luckily, […]

12 Moments That Completely Changed My Writing Career

I’ve gone through various moments throughout my writing career, but some of them hurt or helped a little more than the others. A big break with a client, a trip to California to interact with nature or an overall disdain for my desk job–they all helped in their own special way. So, I wanted to share […]

Funniest Quotes From Friends and Relatives About Freelancing

Freelancing raises many questions with people you’re close with. Since the majority of the world is sprinting to the train at 7:00 AM in nice clothes and sitting in a cubicle, the very thought of working from home and managing your own business is silly. Over my freelancing years I’ve heard some interesting statements and questions […]

Unique Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Online Project

This is a guest post from Jay Wright, who is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, acting as Managing Director at digital marketing agency Search Insights and Marketing Director at QualityTrade.com. Follow him on Twitter… You’ve finished your novel and posted it online for people to purchase on Amazon. Maybe you developed a video series where […]

Get Paid to Write? Ha! Why People Request Free Writing

I like to get paid to write, but just last week I received an email asking me to send in two free writing samples, even though I submitted about forty previously written samples in my portfolio. They wanted to see that I could write in their niche. Fair enough, but at least pay me for it, dick. If you […]

Han Solo on Beta Readers and Writing Critiques

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit from flickr. As I approach the publication of a new book and test the waters with new critique groups in the city I have started to compile tips and tricks on how to work with beta readers and writing critiques based on my recent mistakes and successes. This is a point […]

Solutions for Those Who Just Want to Write, and Not Market Their Writing

Whenever I write a short story and send it off to a publication, or rattle off a dozen blog posts during the week for my freelance clients, I sit back and think about if the work I’m doing is worthwhile. Do I enjoy my writing? Am I remaining true to myself? Is my work making a […]

Word Count or Time Goal? Which Gets More Writing Done?

A day in the life of a writer requires discipline and a constant battle with distractions and personal demons that tell you your writing isn’t worth squat. I wake up in the morning, pry myself out of bed and sulk around thinking that a bowl of cereal or cup of tea is the next piece […]

Gracefully Losing Your Job or Big Freelance Clients

I’m a product of a lost job. I walked home from work one day, told my roommate I might have trouble paying the rent and figured out a way to squeeze my way back into my parents’ home after just a few years out of college. I knew I had to pick myself back up, but […]

How to Write a Book With Key Scrivener Tips and Tricks

Scrivener is one of the many writing tools I recommend in my Tools of the Trade section. We’ve learned about how and why you should put together an email list, how to market your works through RSS feeds and how you don’t need inspiration to write well, but what about the actual writing process? The Scrivener […]