100+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers, Authors and All Scribblers

A crucial step in the writing process–whether for fun or to make money–is launching a website/blog and either practicing or selling your work on that site. Whether a full-time freelance writer, burgeoning poet, wandering travel writer or a hobbyist who simply wants to share some thoughts, the internet is your friend for gaining an audience. Luckily, […]

Han Solo on Beta Readers and Writing Critiques

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit from flickr. As I approach the publication of a new book and test the waters with new critique groups in the city I have started to compile tips and tricks on how to work with beta readers and writing critiques based on my recent mistakes and successes. This is a point […]

Word Count or Time Goal? Which Gets More Writing Done?

A day in the life of a writer requires discipline and a constant battle with distractions and personal demons that tell you your writing isn’t worth squat. I wake up in the morning, pry myself out of bed and sulk around thinking that a bowl of cereal or cup of tea is the next piece […]

A Day in the Life of a Writer: Temptations Throughout

As a fulltime freelance writer, I crave a morning where I sit down and have no distractions. The email inbox is empty, my energy level is high enough so I don’t need to run around or chug a cup of tea, and the internet decides not to produce anything interesting to read or watch. Yea right… […]

How to Write a Book With Key Scrivener Tips and Tricks

Scrivener is one of the many writing tools I recommend in my Tools of the Trade section. We’ve learned about how and why you should put together an email list, how to market your works through RSS feeds and how you don’t need inspiration to write well, but what about the actual writing process? The Scrivener […]

The Best Writers are Actors at Heart

Jon Favreau recently stated in an interview that he didn’t have to learn much about cooking for his film Chef because he loves cooking in real life. However, for the Iron Man movies he needed to read books filled with technical jargon for guns and computers to ensure that he and all the other actors kept […]

An Experienced Editor Shows How to Avoid Common Editing Notes

Photo Credit: Sebastien Wiertz Guest Post Note: Shayla is an editor and writer for Curiouser Editing. She publishes a grammar magazine each month entitled Curiouser Magazine. You can keep up with her grammar tips, funny pictures, and book reviews here. As a copy editor, I leave many specific notes on authors’ manuscripts when I have questions […]

What Comcast Taught Me About Distractions

Distractions. Distractions. Distractions. The World Cup is a big one for me right now. It’s usually a combination of Facebook and a TBS marathon. I don’t include books as distractions, because those help improve my writing. The horror of true distractions stem from various components that continuously hook you and turn your distraction into a habit or […]

The Glory of Word Count Combat

I chatted with a long time friend a few weekends ago, and he told me of his experience bouncing around from set to set out in Los Angeles as a Production Assistant. His dream is to become a screenwriter, but in the meantime he’s been making contacts and learning the industry ropes. He explained how […]

How Zombies Can Get You To Write Every Day

Photo Credit: Daniel Hollister A zombie smile makes me smile. The yellow teeth and red blood glistening off the undead’s neck gives me a sense of purpose in my writing. I don’t write about zombies (maybe one day I will) but I can’t get enough of zombie flicks and books. The most recent book I […]