Best Things to Do in Chicago for Writers and Creatives

As a resident of Chicago for most of my life (besides my four-year haze in Bloomington, IN,) I tend to walk or ride my bike along the long paths and streets filled with honking cars to find the best things to do in Chicago for writers and other creatives. I’ve always thought of Chicago as […]

Why Literally Losing My Friends Helped Me Grow

Photo Credit: Flickr – Vmiramonte Some of you may know that I used to live with four other roommates–apparently trying to extend my college years. We all recently moved out because two of them got jobs in San Diego, another in Denver and another up and got married. This left me in Chicago to move […]

How To Write And Travel

Can you write while traveling? The traveling writer faces many obstacles. Yes. Does it suck? Yes. After two weeks of traveling (for about a week to Indiana and an unexpected one week escapade of moving to a new home in Chicago) I have concluded one thing: Writing while traveling takes an extreme amount of self-control. […]

Fight The Fear Of Writing By Traveling

After working on my NaNoWriMo outline for a solid two weeks, I found it daunting to actually sit down and write the novel I was originally so excited to get started on. The first of November was looming and for some reason I felt like I was too afraid to even put my ideas to […]