100+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers, Authors and All Scribblers

A crucial step in the writing process–whether for fun or to make money–is launching a website/blog and either practicing or selling your work on that site. Whether a full-time freelance writer, burgeoning poet, wandering travel writer or a hobbyist who simply wants to share some thoughts, the internet is your friend for gaining an audience. Luckily, […]

The Ultimate List of Writing Apps for iPad to Mobilize Your Creativity

I’ve always been an Android guy, but it seems like just about everyone I know owns an iPad, so I tend to fiddle around on their devices and figure out interesting ways to log ideas and make myself a tad more productive, in terms of writing. Since my girlfriend lets me tinker quite a bit, […]

A Scrivener Chromebook Guide with Linux

The first Chromebook I bought was about a year ago, and the first thing I realized was that I couldn’t put Scrivener on it. There were Scrivener Chromebook guides online, and most of them talked about installing the Linux operating system, but even after that my processor wasn’t able to support Scrivener. So, I recently bought […]

A Trello Review for the Simplest of Organization

I use several different software options when it comes to collaboration and organizing to-do lists, but a freelance client of mine introduced me to Trello a few months ago, and it is taking over my freelance operation. I not only started to notice that many freelancers are using Trello, but numerous articles are popping up […]

16 Best Chrome Extensions for Writing and Blogging

If you don’t currently use Chrome as your web browser I would encourage you to give it a try since it’s your best bet for customization, security, speed and synchronization between devices. I wanted to put together a list of the best Chrome extensions for writing and blogging to help people stay productive and complete tasks […]

32 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers

  Building a WordPress blog is an essential step in gaining a readership and potentially making money online as a writer. One of the best things about creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is that you have access to a huge database of plugins to make your site cooler than you could ever do on your […]

My Favorite Writing Apps for iPhone and Android

I have an iPhone, but prior to my switch I was a hardcore Android nut who loved to talk poorly about Apple products to my sister, a Steve Jobs worshiper. That said, there are plenty of writing apps for iPhone and Android that allow me to compile ideas, brainstorm, prepare for novel writing, limit distractions, crush […]

How to Write a Book With Key Scrivener Tips and Tricks

Scrivener is one of the many writing tools I recommend in my Tools of the Trade section. We’ve learned about how and why you should put together an email list, how to market your works through RSS feeds and how you don’t need inspiration to write well, but what about the actual writing process? The Scrivener […]

Snapchat For Writers: Your Work In Every Reader’s Pocket

Photo Credit: Ryan Nagelmann – Flickr Creative Commons For months I criticized my friends for using Snapchat. I never understood the point of not saving your photos. I enjoyed the idea of showing funny pictures to friends at a later occasion. I joked that Snapchat was just a glorified way to send sexual pictures so […]

Six Home Office Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

How many computer screens do you have in your home office? Two? Three? One would be better. Are you the best multitasker in the world? Most studies prove that you’re probably the opposite. Does your desk look like Don Corleone should be sitting behind it? Maybe smaller would suffice? The home office is a place for […]