Nerd Is The Word

The Star Wars Episode 7 chatter has recently been flooding the internet and this Jedi is way too excited than any 25-year-old man should be for a story about super-powered monks with laser swords and alien dogs who communicate by wailing and throwing tantrums. Photo Credit: katybate / Creative Commons I’m a nerd. Not your […]

To Those Who Don’t Fear The Dream

Photo Credit: Victor Habbick/ I cannot afford to waste my time making money. –Louis Agassiz I often hear people say, “Wow that person is so successful. ” This statement usually refers to someone who has made a strong living on Wall Street or worked the ladder in a corporate job to finally land an upper […]

Why Writers Must Embrace Suffering

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici / I was proposed an interesting question after my post titled We Are All Children’s Writers, where I encouraged writers to remember the joys of childhood to liven up their writing. But, what if you didn’t have an actual “childhood”? How can a person who wasn’t given a “playtime” […]

5 Things To Do While You’re Young

A few days ago I was discussing with a friend what things we did while we were young that we could probably never do again. I’m not sure if I chose the right activities or not, so I began thinking: what are the best things to do while you are young? It seems like my […]

Collectors vs. Seekers

My girlfriend and I possess many differences. However, one of our most petty of differences is the one that makes me the most frustrated. Whenever we are walking to get somewhere, it’s always a sprint for her. I on the other hand enjoy casually strolling along the sidewalk, kicking the rocks at my feet, while […]