Theodore Roosevelt: A Voracious Reader Who Tore Out Pages Until Done

After reading the The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, a particular excerpt stood out to me that relates to all writers, regardless of whether or not you make money or simply scribble down words for enjoyment. It all starts with framing who Theodore Roosevelt actually was, tying in the fact that he’s considered one of the most eccentric, “common man” […]

Losers Get Started Early: Charles Schulz on Childhood Sadness and Dentists

Minneapolis filled with great hope for the future and I asked a certain girl to marry me. When she turned me down and married someone else, there was no doubt that Charlie Brown was on his way. Losers get started early.Charles Schulz Charlez Shulz never considered himself a writer. In fact, he willingly accepted the view […]

Why You Shouldn’t Take Pride in Your Work

I’ve always maintained the idea that it’s best to not take pride in your work. This is a quote I stated in a recent interview I completed for the Lift App Author Series. I want to outline the meaning of this quote and explain exactly why I think that the idea of taking pride in your […]

Why Literally Losing My Friends Helped Me Grow

Photo Credit: Flickr – Vmiramonte Some of you may know that I used to live with four other roommates–apparently trying to extend my college years. We all recently moved out because two of them got jobs in San Diego, another in Denver and another up and got married. This left me in Chicago to move […]

Be the Loudest Introvert in the Room – A Look Into the Introvert Advantage

Introverts receive flack for failing to speak up or even acting “weird.” Are these assumptions fair, or do introverts actually have advantages over extroverts that aren’t accepted because of myths or social expectations? I read a book called The Introvert Advantage, and the author makes great points about how introverts need to recharge in order […]

Give Your Boredom Meaning

Is boredom chewing away at your creativity? Do you pick up a book whenever you get bored? Maybe you check your phone for any recent emails, Tweets or texts. We have a fear of being alone nowadays – a fear of being left with our own thoughts, so people look for distractions from the dark […]

20 Tips From The World’s Top Writers on Remaining True and Catering to Your Audience

Should you remain true to yourself or cater to your audience? Why and how? This is a question I asked to some of my favorite bloggers, writers and authors who are experts on self-publishing and creating a platform to reach audiences all over the world. All of the experts come through with amazing tips on […]

Fight the Fear of Feeling Naked

Photo Credit: Did you ever have a dream about going to school naked? I sure did. Does that happen to you anymore? It probably happens more than you think, but in a different form. Many writers dream of success in the form of a book publication, career freedom through a successful blog or a […]

Is Your Writing a Ticking Time Bomb?

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/ Has it been a while since you wrote on your blog? Is it the second year you promised yourself to submit to a romance or science fiction competition but the deadline passed again? Writing turns your life into a question. It doesn’t make sense that writing is so difficult compared […]

The Secret to a Writer’s Happiness

Intrinsic goals include: personal growth, relationships and helping others. Are you happy? In every aspect of your life? Is there one area of your life that stresses you out more than others? Consider re-evaluating your goals. According to the documentary “Happy” there are two categories of goals and values that people create for themselves in […]