Losers Get Started Early: Charles Schulz on Childhood Sadness and Dentists

Minneapolis filled with great hope for the future and I asked a certain girl to marry me. When she turned me down and married someone else, there was no doubt that Charlie Brown was on his way. Losers get started early.Charles Schulz Charlez Shulz never considered himself a writer. In fact, he willingly accepted the view […]

Why You Shouldn’t Take Pride in Your Work

I’ve always maintained the idea that it’s best to not take pride in your work. This is a quote I stated in a recent interview I completed for the Lift App Author Series. I want to outline the meaning of this quote and explain exactly why I think that the idea of taking pride in your […]

Never Mistake Motion for Action – Decoding Ernest

Never mistake motion for action These are popular words spoken by an artist that some people like to consider famous. Ernest Hemingway dropped numerous lines that shape the way authors and writers mold words, but for some reason the motion vs. action quote grabbed my attention. What does that mean exactly? I heard it from my […]

A Day in the Life of a Writer: Temptations Throughout

As a fulltime freelance writer, I crave a morning where I sit down and have no distractions. The email inbox is empty, my energy level is high enough so I don’t need to run around or chug a cup of tea, and the internet decides not to produce anything interesting to read or watch. Yea right… […]

The Best Writers are Actors at Heart

Jon Favreau recently stated in an interview that he didn’t have to learn much about cooking for his film Chef because he loves cooking in real life. However, for the Iron Man movies he needed to read books filled with technical jargon for guns and computers to ensure that he and all the other actors kept […]

How to Write Paragraph After Paragraph After Paragraph Without Stopping

Credit: Katie Krueger Writers handle numerous tasks, but what happens when writing isn’t one of them? You dart home from work with tons of ideas bouncing around your head and then you can’t find the will or the power to start rattling away on the keyboard. There are plenty of writers out there who can […]

Why Pictures Make Life Awesome

Pictures help you return, remember and write. I’m not one for taking constant pictures. I’ll leave that to the Facebook and Pinterest junkies who flood my feeds with pictures of their meals. I would rather spend my time soaking up the atmosphere. I would rather sit on a mountain top staring at the frosty tip […]

To Those Who Don’t Fear The Dream

Photo Credit: Victor Habbick/Freedigitalphotos.net I cannot afford to waste my time making money. –Louis Agassiz I often hear people say, “Wow that person is so successful. ” This statement usually refers to someone who has made a strong living on Wall Street or worked the ladder in a corporate job to finally land an upper […]

Why Writers Must Embrace Suffering

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici / Freedigitalphotos.net I was proposed an interesting question after my post titled We Are All Children’s Writers, where I encouraged writers to remember the joys of childhood to liven up their writing. But, what if you didn’t have an actual “childhood”? How can a person who wasn’t given a “playtime” […]