100+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers, Authors and All Scribblers

100 best wordpress themes for writers authors and bloggers

A crucial step in the writing process–whether for fun or to make money–is launching a website/blog and either practicing or selling your work on that site.

Whether a full-time freelance writer, burgeoning poet, wandering travel writer or a hobbyist who simply wants to share some thoughts, the internet is your friend for gaining an audience.

Luckily, you don’t need development knowledge or the services of an experienced web designer, since with one of the best WordPress themes for writers, you can build a platform without the time and cost commitments.

WordPress themes let you focus on writing, and they’re for everyone who wants to capture the excitement of life. After all, writing is all about remaining true to yourself, while also catering a bit to your audience, and a website helps you do that.

I realize that not all writers have the same motives when making a website and choosing a theme to run that site. That’s why I broke the themes into a few categories to help you target in on a layout that suits your needs:

Feel free to click on the Demo buttons to preview how the themes work, and I’ll do my best to highlight the standout features for assisting your writing career or hobby.

A Reminder On Using WordPress Themes

Remember that after you choose one of the premium WordPress themes for writers, you will need a self-hosted WordPress site in order to use it.

  1. Select a Host: I highly recommend you choose Bluehost for your hosting needs, since they offer secure and stable hosting, for a rather affordable rate compared to other solutions.
  2. Choose a Domain Name: While on the Bluehost page, select a domain name so that your website is visible online.
  3. Install WordPress: Bluehost provides a one-click installation process, which is outlined here.
  4. Install a Theme for Writers: Choose your favorite theme below and install it onto your WordPress site.
  5. Use Plugins to Your Advantage: Here’s a list of the best WordPress plugins for writers, bloggers and other malcontents.

Anyways, keep reading to check out the best WordPress themes for writers, from minimalist blogging themes to portfolio solutions for selling your services.

WordPress Themes For a Rolling Feed of Your Ramblings, Articles or Stories

This section includes themes with striking blog post designs, for making your content shine and for using media to improve exposure. You can use them for blogging, posting chapters to your books, sharing your travel thoughts and just about anything else you could write about.



A modern choice for writers and bloggers who crave a visual experience, Moment attracts attention with high-resolution images leading to blog posts that place all the focus on your writing. The multiple article layouts allow fixed width images, centered content or content on either side of your featured image. The responsive theme is a beautiful option for any writer.

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The Novelist


If you’re interested in a basic layout that looks like a book, The Novelist is ideal. The responsive theme has page flipping effects, and although it’s marketed as a portfolio theme, The Novelist works best for sharing short or full stories, without selling your work or marketing services.

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Florence is an elegant solution, with some feminine styles and nice buttons for sending people to your social pages. The spotlight is on your content, and you even receive an area for explaining who you are.

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As another WordPress theme that looks like a book, Rain works on mobile devices, and it includes audio files with your purchase for setting the mood when people come to your site. Image support is wonderful, while your content sits on the right hand side, and titles are displayed to the left in large letters.

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The Pilcrow theme for writers has three color schemes for branding purposes, and it’s a favorite for writers who want to clear out the clutter for a simple feed of your articles. A logo upload is at the top, and social media buttons push users to those platforms.

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The Nano WordPress theme provides a minimalist take on the the average blogging solution, with plenty of Google Fonts to play around with and a nifty header for placing an image of yourself or the topic you’re writing about. The theme is highly customizable, and it provides responsive elements for viewing on mobile devices.

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If you’re interested in placing a strong focus on both written and media-based content, the Elegant theme is a viable option. It provides a simple layout, without all of the animations and effects. The coolest part is that it comes with the Themify drag and drop page builder, so beginners won’t have to worry about messing around with any code.

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The Hermosa theme offers several colors and a vibrant experience, using separate modules to showcase content as your users scroll down the page. The theme is actually free, which should technically be placed in the Free category below, but I feel it warrants a place up top, since the theme looks and performs like a premium option.

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Wintersong Pro


The Wintersong Pro theme is from the folks at StudioPress, meaning you receive some of the top customization tools on the market. Wintersong Pro is a Genesis child theme, so it pairs with the Genesis Framework, a handy tool to make unlimited modifications and to ensure that your changes stick around after theme updates. The theme is stripped of all clutter, using a white background to its advantage. It’s responsive, provides a custom header and you receive a nice landing page for selling books or other content.

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The Typist theme reminds me of one of those distraction-free writing tools, where you and your visitors don’t get many distractions from the written word. The customization options are straight forward for beginners, and it provides a responsive interface for mobile reading. Not to mention, Typist supports audio, video, links, quotes and text.

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I enjoy the Grateful theme, because it has unlimited color variations for branding your writing site the way you desire. The sidebar is to the left, with widgets for detailing the author and for posting social media buttons. The blog roll sits to the right, using large, high-resolution images to attract visitors to click.

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If you like widescreen headers with overlaying text and buttons, Uberto is a suitable theme for you. Writers will find this one useful, because you can market books and other content in the header, while also sharing a minimalist blog feed right below it. The truly unique design provides custom widgets for a simple design process and multiple color schemes to get creative.

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If you’re writing a memoir in the form of blog posts, the Memoir theme isn’t a bad idea, considering it includes an elegant layout and a sidebar for pushing people to other pages. The menu area works to your advantage, and the Memoir theme provides a Contact page, shortcodes for simple designs and page templates to keep your site exciting.

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A parallax design is a wonderful way to grab attention from users, and the Bloger theme provides that and more. With its grid-based format, you can highlight photos on one side and a preview to your content on the other. The photos and content previews switch sides as your visitors scroll down the page.

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The HEAP theme provides an effortless tool for anyone publishing content online, utilizing a responsive design and a live customizer for seeing what your changes are going to look like before going live. The full social integration is cool so you don’t need a third-party plugin for sending people to your social pages, and the over 600 Google Fonts allow for stylizing your writings.

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The Writer


Although this theme is called The Writer, it uses an unusual amount of images, which is a good thing. Why? Because these stunning image modules intrigue your readers and encourage them to click onto your articles. The theme comes packaged with a portfolio area, and you receive a powerful visual customizer for dragging and dropping, instead of coding.

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Sparrow, a responsive theme options for writers, has two layouts: One with a full screen front page and one without. The theme provides a wonderful search form at the top, and a stunning header for sharing a logo or cool photo. Customize or remove the drop caps effect, and even consider customizing the background color to fit your own style.

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The description is in the name, but to give you the general idea, Basic is a fully-responsive and ultra clean solution for writing online. Along with a built-in Twitter widget, the Basic theme offers multiple post formats and a design that looks similar to the reading experience of a Kindle.

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The Readolog WordPress theme for writers uses seven different post formats for sharing music, videos, quotes and links to your social pages. The shortcodes are ideal for building anything from columns to buttons, without the need for coding. I particularly enjoy the header slider images, which reveal a few nice images with link functionality and text for sending users to the right stuff.

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The Fable theme is from the Elegant Themes company, and although you must pay for a membership to receive the theme, you also get every theme in the Elegant Themes library. This is a steal if you plan on making other websites, considering the membership is cheaper than most one-time theme fees. Anyways, the Fable theme is a spacious, wide screen solution, with a stunning custom background image.

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With the Singkarak theme, you have the ability to play around with shortcodes and to choose from unlimited color options. It’s the ideal theme for a personal blog, since it comes with custom typography, a responsive layout and powerful theme options for customization.

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WordPress Themes to Market Your Freelance Writing or Editing Services (Portfolio Themes)




In terms of writing to make money, you need a WordPress theme that provides the ability to customize any element you want. It’s also nice to place modules for testimonials, portfolios, team members, books and more. Divi is a hot theme right now, because just about any type of company, or individual, could use it to their advantage. The Divi Builder is a drag and drop page editor, so beginners don’t have to worry about coding or much design work. Drop in modules for items like sliders, blurbs, call-to-actions and more.

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The Rabia theme is one of the more unique designs on this list, and it places a strong focus on the navigational menu in the middle. What’s cool is that your portfolio is clearly visible on the homepage, yet visitors can also move onto other content right in the center of the page.

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Notio combines portfolio and eCommerce elements, so you could potentially sell your writing services and the books you’ve written. The theme comes with 10 portfolios layouts for you to pick from, and the WooCommerce integration is perfect for uploading your books for people to buy and download. Not to mention, the grid-based format looks awesome.

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When choosing ROUA, your online presence turns into a creative experience, since the “hipster” style design provides a wide screen and high resolution portfolio, along with an optional video screen for your homepage. With social media buttons and eCommerce possibilities, the ROUA theme is a writer’s best friend.

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If you check out the Vulcano theme, you’ll immediately notice that the portfolio is hard to miss. This is the whole point of designing a portfolio website. You want your potential clients to land on the page, go to your past work, and hopefully shoot you an email to begin working. My favorite part of the Vulcano theme is that it includes a highly-functional project request form, with fields for budgets, timing and contact information.

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The Lara theme uses a one-page format, which many writers are finding beneficial, since visitors don’t have to jump all over your website to locate the content. They simply keep scrolling down to read your articles, without the need for a menu. That said, a navigational menu is available, and you also receive an awesome portfolio, a testimonials area and a form for people to contact you.

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The Doctype theme competes with all the other flat and minimal themes out there, but it serves you quite well as a professional writer, with its widgetized homepage and stunning portfolio area. The portfolio has filters included, so you can categorize your different work, and the design speaks for itself.

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Extinct offers a unique and appealing style, along with a clean and responsive layout. The retro layout is a refreshing contrast to the onslaught of flat, modern themes we’re seeing on the market today. Use the Slider Revolution plugin to reveal images leading to your past projects, and customize your portfolio to use two, three or four columns.

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The Kalium theme is designed for professionals who want to put their past work at the front and center. Along with its WooCommerce support, the Kalium theme introduces seven other pre-built layouts to choose from. From a freelancer design to a simple blogging solution, the Kalium theme is worth checking out if you want to make money with your writing.

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With Ananke, you receive a powerful page builder for minimal design problems, and the parallax effects evoke attention from your users. The premium slider is a nice touch, but the true power comes from the animated and filterable portfolio module.

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Simple Business


Simple Business has a creative spin, with tons of features, fonts and sliders. Color variations are unlimited, and the social media icons fit right in with the fun experience. Although it’s not built strictly for making a portfolio, the Simple Business theme is a playful, yet professional way to showcase your services to other people.

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With KON/CEPT, you can finally stand out with your portfolio. This is one of my favorite options, because it’s simple, yet powerful, using the entire homepage to show off images and animations which lead to your content. The navigational menu is hidden away, but followers can click to reveal it for access to your blog, online store and social media buttons.

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Azoom works well as a WordPress theme for writers who want to make some money, because it combines a drag and drop builder to launch quickly, and a solid, image-based portfolio for reeling in clients. If you’re concerned that you may want to sell books or start a blog in the future, both options are available with Azoom.

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The Syntac theme stands out, because it features a large photo for either posting a headshot or displaying a picture that reflects your writing style. It’s all about a personal portfolio with this one, since the theme provides a portfolio module with images, links, text and animations. Don’t forget that filters are included!

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WordPress Themes to Sell Your Books and eBooks


Author Pro


For a professional book-selling platform, consider the highly popular Author Pro theme. It works on the Genesis Framework, so you can customize just about anything, and it’s a wonderful way to compile a library of books you’re trying to sell. Type up information on your publisher, pricing, descriptions and more. You can place a Buy Now button on the product pages and upload your images as well.

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Book Store


Book Store integrates with WooCommerce, which provides options for digital downloads such as eBooks, along with support for physical books as well. The theme is completely responsive, and it lets you feature some of your books with large banner images. The online store includes ratings, descriptions, buttons for buying and a fully functional shopping cart.

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Raakbookoo is a favorite of mine, because of its overall charm and interactive sliders. List all your books in a grid-based homepage format, and make a sleek banner to show off your most recent releases in the slider area. The theme works with the WooCommerce plugin for selling the books, and it lets you categorize your books for better organization.

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Booker offers an integrated PayPal gateway for accepting payments, but the standout feature is the intriguing header where you can see that the book cover is large, the visitors can immediately view the book description and the purchase buttons popup right at the top.

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The Literary WordPress theme has two unique features. It comes with a post type for showcasing your books, along with another post type for making a portfolio. I figure most writers have both books and writing services to sell, so why not put them both on the same website?

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With Ethority you can give a clear view of what your book cover looks like. Place testimonials all over your website to attract attention, and fit most of your content on a single page, since the homepage is built for long scrolling. An author showcase page comes with your purchase, and you can even implement a recurring pricing structure for your most loyal fans.

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The Thinker


The Thinker is one of those themes that looks like it was built only for writers. The simple design provides a premium slider for sharing some of your newer releases, and the WooCommerce support delivers a stunning layout for people to walk through the check out process.

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The Brown WordPress theme provides a unique slider preview for displaying your books in a reasonable format. You can choose between a multi-page or single-page website layout, and the header includes Buy Now buttons, text areas, images and some cool animations that make it look like your book is about to open.

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With Papirus you receive a flexible theme that uses WooCommerce for selling physical and digital books. It comes with a responsive design and the Visual Composer plugin, which allows you to drag and drop elements instead of coding. The mega menu is nice if you have a huge collection of books to sell, and the grid-based book showcase area runs with beautiful animations to grab attention.

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The FlatBook theme is primarily designed for selling eBooks, with its one-page layout for putting all the attention on just one or two books. The wide screen header is a wonderful way to reveal your recent releases, and the video reviews give you a chance to show why people should buy the book. I particularly enjoy the area for giving out previews from some of your chapters.

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Aurum has a minimalist build, with WooCommerce support for both digital and physical book sales. You can choose from seven site layouts, but the bookstore solution is most likely what writers are looking for. The bookstore option has sliders for sharing your books, buttons to click through and an area to type in author bio information.

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With the Preface theme, you receive a flat, and mainly white interface, with book landing pages to send your customers through an effective sales funnel. The theme offers a slider, along with a testimonials module. WooCommerce runs quite well on the theme, and the blog area is a beautiful way to post some of your ramblings.

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The Corner theme is not built for selling books, but the theme looks great and it works with WooCommerce, so anything is possible. The responsive theme has a feminine look, using white and pink colors, and elegant typography for a gentle, yet professional tone. The shop looks similar to a portfolio, but you can reveal pricing, book information and images.

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GoodStore is another theme that isn’t just for writers, but it provides over 21 layouts, so you are bound to find one that suits your preferences. It’s easy to customize colors and theme elements, and the shopping cart is extremely useful for getting people in and out in a hurry.

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Crystal integrates nicely with WooCommerce, and it provides great filtering features for those authors who have books in different genres. The blog incorporates a reading progress indicator, which encourages visitors to read further when they move closer to the end. Along with 10 post formats and a visual builder, this is certainly a theme to check out if you plan on selling online.

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The Bookish theme is one of the more professional options on this list, with its wonderful navigational menu and highly functional header. This theme is actually a landing page that is optimized to sell more books, since all of the focus is placed on a single book. The theme is mobile ready, it includes parallax effects and you get an area for building a library of your entire book collection.

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With eBookie, authors have a chance to build a bold and engaging platform for their books. Link to exclusive content, and post buttons for both printed books and eBooks. The testimonial area can be placed right below your header, and eBookie even provides a handy eBook cover creator for those who don’t want to hire a designer.

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WordPress Themes for Travel Writers




Travel writers need visuals to display the places they’ve been, and the entire Literatum homepage is filled with images and videos, intriguing those who crave travel as well. With a grid-based format, your best pictures sit at the forefront, and the featured images for every category add to the fun. Video covers are available for each post, and the theme even provides a word count tool for telling visitors how much longer they have on each article.

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The Dune theme runs with visual columns, and it comes with six different column layouts for your choosing. The widgetized footer allows for a newsletter subscription form, a Twitter feed and featured posts. Use shortcodes for items like quotes and columns, and watch as the full width featured image entrances users at the beginning of each article.

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Wild Book


Wild Book offers an elegant and vintage design, using a large featured image on one side, with blog article content to the opposite side. As readers scroll down the page, the featured image remains in the same place, displaying social media links, descriptions and even a logo. Implement custom typography for branding, and organize image galleries for selling or building a portfolio.

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The Travelista WordPress theme is designed primarily for travel writers, giving you nine post formats with modules for links, videos, quotes and galleries. The most interesting features include branded social media sharing buttons, along with large featured images and header sliders, which incorporate overlaying text and buttons for sending users to other pages.

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Although the Travella theme has widgets and modules for hotels and travel businesses, it’s a wonderful theme for releasing information on your travel exploits, with Google Maps integration for displaying where you’re travelling and an event slider to prompt others to meet up with you. Visitors can also like both posts and comments, encouraging conversation between all users.

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Ink is billed as a WordPress blogging theme for people who tell stories, and it’s certainly useful in that realm, considering the stunning picture options and an easy-to-use live customizer, which helps you focus on your writing instead of designing a website. The theme comes with an email subscription form, and the grid layouts assist in adjusting the way your images and buttons show up on the homepage.

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If you’re looking for style and functionality, the OM WordPress theme is a viable solution for you. It provides a live customizer so you can preview posts and pages before publishing, and the customizable colors and backgrounds ensure branding bliss. Packed with social media buttons, author biographies and Twitter feeds, the OM theme stands out as a nice solution for travel writers.

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With Share, all focus is placed on your experiences while travelling, since it offers a plentiful selection of sharing modules, along with media support for images, videos and audio clips. Embed Twitter posts, and provide a simplistic and clean area for people to read your ramblings.

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JRNY gets your journey started right, with a gorgeous, responsive layout for viewing on all devices, and unique grid layouts for getting creative with the way you display your posts. The bold titles and headers attract attention to your articles, and full size images ensure that none of your best travel shots go to waste.

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The Socha theme includes features for travel writers, but just about any scribe could find something for them. The homepage features a sleek slider area for images, and the WooCommerce integration works well for selling books. With shortcodes and testimonial modules, you can format your post and show people why your work is so wonderful.

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The Navigator


The Navigator imitates some of the location guides you’ll find online, but it works wonders for travel writers who crave a map-based format for outlining the details of their trips. Run a blog, then include media components for each of the locations, and even interact with other people by allowing them to submit information on their own travels.

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WordPress Themes for Food Writers


Daily Dish


Daily Dish is one of the cleaner food blog options you can find, and the people at StudioPress like it that way. The custom header helps you serve up scrumptious meal photos, and the minimalist blog posts ensure that your readers are fixated on the images and written recipes you display on your site. Not to mention, the theme is packed with branded social media buttons.

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Foodie Pro


Foodie Pro, another StudioPress production, offers plenty of colors and customization tools for sharing recipes and discussions about food. It provides newsletter support and some handy social media buttons so you don’t need a third-party plugin.

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Chow includes WooCommerce support in case you have a recipe book you’re trying to sell or some merchandise that corresponds with your site. The Google Recipe view is one of the easiest ways to display your treats and boost your SEO in the process. Each recipe is categorized, and you can post how long the recipe takes to cook, along with ingredients, instructions and a ratings system.

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The Recipes WordPress theme gives you a platform for sharing unlimited recipes through your own stunning website. The best part is the large Search bar for people to find your recipes. It also includes a few popular searches below the Search bar to guide visitors. Recipe ratings are available, and the ingredient lists are clickable for people to copy and paste.

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The Petit theme is a WPZoom product, with a large featured carousel for showcasing your most recent or popular items. The theme has support for the PollDaddy plugin, which implements a sleek ratings system for your recipes. You even receive two recipe shortcodes for ingredients and cooking directions.

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The Kitchen Table


With the Kitchen Table theme, you get a responsive recipes platform, packed with Font Awesome icons, parallax headers and unlimited colors. Your recipes are image-supported and displayed in a grid format. In addition, the parallax header provides overlaying text and button options.

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Vixen aids those food writers who crave a creative design with feminine touches. Borrow recipes or create your own, and consider posting the ingredient and direction lists. The theme provides social media icons, along with cool animations when people scroll over your featured images.

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The ICook theme is best for sharing your recipes and food concoctions, since it has features for custom posts, portfolios, and even a module for Google Maps (in case you want to show people where the dishes come from). The image and video support looks flawless, and the recipe posts add unique designs for the ingredients and directions to stand out from the rest of the content.

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Food and Cook


The Food and Cook theme benefits you with its parallax effects and WooCommerce support. The recipes are nicely organized in the navigation menu, and you can even implement a Submit Recipe button for your followers to join in on the fun.

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The CookingPress theme has an amazing responsive design and a cool recipe creator so you don’t have to worry much about formatting. Users search your site by ingredients, leading to a rich browsing experience. With a Submit recipe button, shortcode options and a beautiful slider, the CookingPress theme is worth looking into.

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Crave leaves your mouth watering by using powerful widgets and a magazine-style layout for packing as much information as you can on your homepage. The threaded comments ensure that people interact on your page, and social buttons push users to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Food Blog


Food Blog provides beautiful image layouts and a strong recipe tool for talking about your recent creations. The Recipe Card plugin works to ensure that your recipes not only look great, but they show up in the search engines. Shortcodes cut down on your design time, and the sleek slider offers a powerful way to show people what your site is all about.

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The Culinier theme is crafted for people who want to share recipes, using front and backend recipe uploads, along with recipe grid and masonry layout options. The bookmark system aggregates user preferences, and the recipe review tool ensures that your best meals are brought to the forefront.

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With the Ingredients WordPress theme for food writers, you receive a fresh-looking layout, with custom post types for recipes and reviews. The built-in contact form keeps you in touch with followers, and the food-centric background is fun and customizable for your own needs.

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WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Writers




Josephine adds a a feminine look to your lifestyle blog, with pink and white shades and a sleek grid-based area for sharing your categories. The cool part is that you can change every element on the theme without coding, and the five different homepage variations allow for branding without much thought.

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The Cassia theme offers unlimited skins and over 650 Google Webfonts, delivering all the customization options you need. The default fonts and headers have swooping designs, for a slightly feminine touch, but you can change this around if needed. Stuffed with social icons, an author bio widget and wonderful banner space, the Cassia theme is ideal for lifestyle bloggers who want to make some money.

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Rosemary is a simple and elegant blog theme, with five different blog layouts and a striking image slider at the top. The variety of post formats ensure differentiation throughout your site, and the responsive design helps with people who want to view the site on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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WordPress Themes for Journalists




The Newspaper theme is a high-rated option on ThemeForest, making you wonder what could make it that much better than all the other newspaper and magazine themes out there. To start , the modern and elegant designs standout, and the theme doesn’t require you to know any coding. The intuitive interface provides layouts for sports, video, fashion, tech and many other website styles.

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SevenMag offers a flat and modern look, with a nifty scrolling news reel at the top and flat social media buttons for pushing people to your favorite social platforms. The review system allows for you to give ratings to different products, services and art creations. Not to mention, you can place an unlimited amount of sidebars to fit all of your content.

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I enjoy the Compass theme, because it provides a touch slideshow for easy scrolling on tablets and phones. The dynamic homepage builder is ideal for those who don’t have coding development experience. It also includes various widgets for social media, newsletter subscriptions and biographical information.

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The Voux


The Voux theme features the Visual Composer plugin, which is a premium option (you get it for free) for dragging and dropping elements instead of designing them yourself. The responsive theme offers all the social sharing buttons you need, and it even has full screen galleries for sharing images about food, travel, celebrities or the recent news.

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The UberGrid is one of my favorite layouts in terms of magazine themes, since it has an infinite scroll feature and a beautiful navigational menu on the left hand side. This menu features social buttons and a logo upload area, and the theme supports high-resolution images, videos and more.

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Hot Topix


The Hot Topix theme includes a drag and drop homepage for quick designs, and five different ad units for monetizing your efforts. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce for when you decide to start selling merchandise or eBook downloads.

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The Today theme boasts a strong feature set, including multiple slides, a rotative effect and four blog styles. Input YouTube and Vimeo videos to share with your viewers, and use the photo gallery to make it a visual experience. With over 600 Google Fonts and translation options, the Today theme is a useful solution for anyone who needs a magazine.

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Newsmag focuses on the art of publishing, using unique layouts for everything from sports to tech, fashion to a classic blog. The smart sidebar stays in place when people scroll down your page, which makes it useful for placing ads and other important content.

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WordPress Themes to Build an Email List for Your Writing


Genesis Framework


The Genesis Framework serves as the basis of all StudioPress themes, where it works as a parent theme to the various child themes they build and sell. In short, you can run a website on the Genesis framework, but the beautiful website designs are available when you buy it with a child theme. StudioPress packages all of its child themes with the Genesis Framework to make it easier for you. You’ll notice several Genesis-based child themes below, because in my opinion, they are the gold standard if you’re planning on building an email list. This link leads to the standalone Genesis parent theme, but you can pick a child theme here.

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Forte doesn’t work with the Genesis framework, but it’s a beautiful solution for building your email list. The email subscription form comes in widget form, for placing anywhere on your site. You can also implement tiled galleries, a video background and large images with cool animations to bring in attention.

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The IMBT theme is modeled off the way Seth Godin presents his blog posts, along with the methods he uses to bring in more email subscribers. The email subscription form sits at the top of the page, and it integrates perfectly with the MailChimp service. The Visual Composer plugin is also included, so you don’t have to worry about building your own design elements.

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Streamline is the first Genesis theme that works quite well for building your email lists. The email newsletter subscribe form integrates with various email sending services, and it’s predesigned so it stands out to your visitors. The threaded comments assist with user interactions, and three color styles ensure that you can make your site look unique.

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The (in)SPYR WordPress theme is my favorite email list building solution, since it runs on the Genesis Framework, and the layout begs people to subscribe to your list. The robust and responsive child theme provides six color options and three theme styles for customizing it the way you want. You also receive a custom header, custom background and an amazing email subscription form with an integrated image slider.

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Generate works well for generating as many email subscriptions as possible, with its header-based form and powerful call-to-action banner. Bring in more email leads, and play around with the four color styles and three layout options. The featured images look stunning, and the threaded comments encourage people to discuss your articles.

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Focus is the first theme I ever used for this blog, and it worked rather well for requested people to pass over their email addresses. The nicely designed subscription form is in widget form, for placing it in your header, sidebar or footer. The minimalist and responsive theme provides custom headers, backgrounds and various color styles.

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The Nostalgia WordPress theme works as a landing page, placing all eyes on what you have to offer, along with the email subscribe form. It comes with a video and image slideshow, and you receive a background audio player to give out music or even a podcast to your visitors.

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With Premi you can see that the email subscription form is front and center. The header allows for a strong image to show what your site is all about, and six colors assist in branding. The theme includes PSD files for the ultimate customization in Photoshop, and it even has modules for sharing portfolio pieces or past clients.

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Writer WordPress Theme


This theme offers a solution for both building your email list and selling your writing services, since it has a filterable portfolio and fantastic sliders to reveal testimonials or clips to some of your work. The custom post types are a nice touch, but the true outlying feature is the module for email subscriptions. Place it anywhere on your site.

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Just Landed


Just Landed serves as a viable solution for those who want a creative landing page for selling a book or for marketing your blog. It provides a banner with image support, and a slider or video header for featuring an interview, testimonial or other content. Along with tons of webfonts, custom widgets, unlimited colors and shortcodes, the design features are endless with Just Landed.

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The Fusion theme is included in an Elegant Themes subscription, and it has a huge Sign Up Today button that you could link to an email subscription form. The default demo looks like it’s built for mobile app companies, but a simple change of the slider image turns it into a beautiful book sales page or blog.

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Magazine Pro


Magazine Pro is the final Genesis child theme I recommend for building an email list, with its flat, minimalist subscription form for placing in sidebars, headers and footers. The theme works for all types of online publishing, using lots of media and four color styles. The custom menus help visitors move through your site, and the six layout options ensure uniqueness.

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Free WordPress Themes for the Hobbyist Writer


The free WordPress themes for writers all have similar elements, and you can install them and test them for creating a useful writing platform. You won’t find many of the features that come with the premium solutions we discussed above, but I included a few free themes for bloggers, travel writers, portfolios and even for selling books.




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Art Works



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Zerif Lite



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Storefront (For Selling Books)



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GK Portfolio (For a Writing Portfolio)



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Dazzling (For Travel Writers)



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Travelify (For Travel Writers)



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Sugar and Spice (For Food Writers)



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MesoColumn (For Journalists and Magazines)



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Over to You…

With a long list like this you’re bound to get intimidated, but that’s why the categorizations and links to those categorizations (towards the top of the page) should assist in guiding you to the sections that matter most to you. From WordPress themes for selling freelance services to options that make for beautiful blogs, the best WordPress themes for writers bring help bring out creativity and share it with the world.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments section below. Have you used any of the WordPress themes listed above? Would you recommend any additional WordPress themes for writers?

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