Amazon Click-Through Chaos – Halloween Edition

amazon affiliate click through chaos

Alright it’s time for Amazon Click-Through Chaos, where I highlight the coolest items and books that people have bought after clicking through my Amazon link. Basically, you click-through on the Amazon button (below) and do your regular shopping and I get a little kick back (no extra charge for you). It’s nice for when you learn something from my site and you want to show a little support.

It’s almost Halloween, so there are some costumes this time!

The Most Interesting Items Bought

The Best Books People Have Bought

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween, and a big thank you to everyone who clicked-through on some of the random affiliate links I post around the site. I really do appreciate it, whether you are building a new website with Bluehost or just grabbing some things from Amazon to complete your Ebola costume. 🙂

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