Amazon Click Through Chaos – October 12, 2014

amazon affiliate click through chaos

Alrighty, one of my favorite movie podcasts, the Film Vault, does an interesting segment on their show, thanking people who click through their Amazon affiliate links, and showcasing the more interesting click-throughs. Now it’s my turn to look at the Amazon click-throughs I have seen over the past few weeks and say thank you for supporting me with your shopping.

The Most Interesting Items Bought

The Best Books People Have Bought

I just want to say thanks for clicking through; it really helps make this blog a little easier to manage. I know you don’t have to take the time to click through my page in order to do your shopping on Amazon, but it’s fun seeing what you get and knowing that I’m loved, at least a little bit.

If you plan on doing some shopping on Amazon, click on through the button below and it just sends me a little kick back for the referral, with no additional charge for you. Thanks!

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