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How Zombies Can Get You To Write Every Day

zombies write every day

Photo Credit: Daniel Hollister

A zombie smile makes me smile. The yellow teeth and red blood glistening off the undead’s neck gives me a sense of purpose in my writing. I don’t write about zombies (maybe one day I will) but I can’t get enough of zombie flicks and books. The most recent book a read–Mountain Man by Keith Blackmore–struck up some thoughts about how zombies, or the people running from them, are the perfect role models for writers.

The idea of a world with blood-thirsty, sub-human beasts sprinting towards shotgun wielding tough guys and girls puts the need to write in perspective. It poses the question: What if the world ended tomorrow? How would you respond?

Take a look at some other top zombie books and see how the themes and dialogue transmits a lesson to all writers. Zombies can help you write every day–if you’re up for a run.

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Snapchat For Writers: Your Work In Every Reader’s Pocket

snapchat for writers

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freelance writing websites

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how to write paragraph non-stop

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Be the Loudest Introvert in the Room – A Look Into the Introvert Advantage

the introvert advantage

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Six Home Office Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

home office ideas

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get freelance writing jobs from problogger

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Give Your Boredom Meaning

boredom creativity staring at a wall

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