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Amazon Click-Through Chaos: Thanksgiving Edition

amazon affiliate click through chaos

I’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all writers out there. This is just a quick roundup talking about the past few weeks of Amazon click-throughs on my website. Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing over the past few years. Enjoy the turkey!

The Most Interesting Items Bought

The Best Books People Have Bought

12 Moments That Completely Changed My Writing Career

Steps That Completely Changed My Writing Career

I've gone through various moments throughout my writing career, but some of them hurt or helped a little more than the others. A big break with a client, a trip to California to interact with nature or an overall disdain for my desk job--they all … [Continue reading]

A Scrivener Chromebook Guide with Linux

scrivener chromebook guide with linux

The first Chromebook I bought was about a year ago, and the first thing I realized was that I couldn't put Scrivener on it. There were Scrivener Chromebook guides online, and most of them talked about installing the Linux operating system, but even … [Continue reading]

A Trello Review for the Simplest of Organization

trello review for task management

I use several different software options when it comes to collaboration and organizing to-do lists, but a freelance client of mine introduced me to Trello a few months ago, and it is taking over my freelance operation. I not only started to notice … [Continue reading]

Why You Shouldn’t Take Pride in Your Work

don't take pride in your work

I’ve always maintained the idea that it’s best to not take pride in your work. This is a quote I stated in a recent interview I completed for the Lift App Author Series. I want to outline the meaning of this quote and explain exactly why I think … [Continue reading]

Amazon Click-Through Chaos – Halloween Edition

Amazon affiliate click through chaos

Alright it's time for Amazon Click-Through Chaos, where I highlight the coolest items and books that people have bought after clicking through my Amazon link. Basically, you click-through on the Amazon button (below) and do your regular shopping and … [Continue reading]

Funniest Quotes From Friends and Relatives About Freelancing

Funniest quotes about freelancing

Freelancing raises many questions with people you're close with. Since the majority of the world is sprinting to the train at 7:00 AM in nice clothes and sitting in a cubicle, the very thought of working from home and managing your own business is … [Continue reading]

16 Best Chrome Extensions for Writing and Blogging

Best Chrome Extensions for Writing and Blogging

If you don't currently use Chrome as your web browser I would encourage you to give it a try since it's your best bet for customization, security, speed and synchronization between devices. I wanted to put together a list of the best Chrome … [Continue reading]

Unique Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Online Project

ways to make extra money online

This is a guest post from Jay Wright, who is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, acting as Managing Director at digital marketing agency Search Insights and Marketing Director at Follow him on Twitter... You’ve finished your … [Continue reading]

32 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers

best WordPress plugins for writers

  Building a WordPress blog is an essential step in gaining a readership and potentially making money online as a writer. One of the best things about creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is that you have access to a huge database of plugins to … [Continue reading]