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Gracefully Losing Your Job or Big Freelance Clients

losing your job or freelance clients

I’m a product of a lost job. I walked home from work one day, told my roommate I might have trouble paying the rent and figured out a way to squeeze my way back into my parents’ home after just a few years out of college. I knew I had to pick myself back up, but losing your job stings to the point that you don’t want to figure out your life or listen to anyone’s advice.

Clearly this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable for the long term but in the short term it sure as hell beat the crap out of going to the office.

Nigel Marsh combines humor and inspiration, as he documents his year journey after getting let go in the 2011 book Fat, Forty and Fired.

fat forty and fired

His bluntness and overall optimistic outlook on getting fired connects with even the most desperate job losers.

This outlook was much needed when I first lost my job. I luckily always managed a small freelance writing business, but it didn’t make me much of a living–maybe enough to eat, but nothing else. It’s when I started discovering what I like to call writer’s anxiety. But that’s part of the writing adventure–your downfalls are what help you grow, and there’s a good chance you’ll remember the tough times the most.
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My Favorite Writing Apps for iPhone and Android

Writing Apps for iPhone and Android

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How to Write a Book With Key Scrivener Tips and Tricks

How to Write a Book With Scrivener Tips and Tricks

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Immutable Marketing Laws for Writers

Immutable Marketing Laws for Writers

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The Best Writers are Actors at Heart

Best Writers are Actors

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An Experienced Editor Shows How to Avoid Common Editing Notes

how to avoid common editing notes

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What Comcast Taught Me About Distractions

What Comcast Taught Me About Distractions

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Why Literally Losing My Friends Helped Me Grow

losing my friends helped me grow

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The Glory of Word Count Combat

word count combat

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91 Things I’ve Learned About Writing For Money

make money writing

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