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Funniest Quotes From Friends and Relatives About Freelancing

Funniest quotes about freelancing

Freelancing raises many questions with people you’re close with. Since the majority of the world is sprinting to the train at 7:00 AM in nice clothes and sitting in a cubicle, the very thought of working from home and managing your own business is silly. Over my freelancing years I’ve heard some interesting statements and questions about freelancing, so I figured I’d put together a list of the funniest quotes about freelancing that came from friends and family.

After you read over my zingers, let me know what gems you’ve heard in the past.

Well, the economy is tough for everyone right now.

This is my all time favorite comment, which actually came from a former employer. I chatted with her through GChat and she asked where I was working. When I mentioned I was a freelance writer, this was her response. The funniest thing about this instance was that I went into detail a little bit, explaining that I focus on technology and that I’ve built a client list. Even after all of that she still just figured I was struggling.
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