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Theodore Roosevelt: A Voracious Reader Who Tore Out Pages Until Done

smiling theodore roosevelt

After reading the The Rise of Theodore Roosevelta particular excerpt stood othe rise of theodore rooseveltut to me that relates to all writers, regardless of whether or not you make money or simply scribble down words for enjoyment.

It all starts with framing who Theodore Roosevelt actually was, tying in the fact that he’s considered one of the most eccentric, “common man” presidents in the history of the United States. Take a look at the following passage on how Theodore Roosevelt managed to complete a considerable amount more reading than the average person, and keep in mind that this was when he was President of the United States (he also held various other professions such as author, conservationist and explorer).

Tonight the President will bury himself, perhaps, in two volumes Mrs. Lodge has just sent him for review: Gissing’s Charles Dickens, A Critical Study, and The Greek View of Life, by Lowes Dickinson. He will be struck, as he peruses the latter, by interesting parallels between the Periclean attitude toward women and that of present day Japan, and will make a mental note to write to Mrs. Lodge about it. He may also read, with alternate approval and disapproval, two articles on Mormonism in the latest issue of Outlook. A five-thousand-word essay on “The Ancient Irish Sagas” in this month’s Century magazine will not detain him long, since he is himself the author. His method of reading periodicals is somewhat unusual: each page, as he comes to the end of it, is torn out and thrown onto the floor. When both magazines have been thus reduced to a pile of crumpled paper, Roosevelt will leap from his rocking-chair and march down the corridor. Slowing his pace at the door of the presidential suite, he will tiptoe in, brush the famous teeth with only a moderate amount of noise, and pull on his blue-striped pajamas. Beside his pillow he will deposit a large, precautionary revolver. His last act, after turning down the lamp and climbing into bed, will be to unclip his pince-nez and rub the reddened bridge of his nose. Then, there being nothing further to do, Theodore Roosevelt will energetically fall asleep.

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